Beyond Quantum Healing ASD Autism Spectrum Disorders Children

Beyond Quantum Healing – ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Children

Beyond Quantum Healing

A client called for a session after receiving my card from a local crystal shop (the one that ‘THEY’ told me to go to last fall). When she phoned, she said, “I don’t know why I stopped in that crystal shop, it’s completely out of my way.” She felt that she needed to see someone that she could speak to. The client who we will call “Sophie” and her son “Tom” – to protect their identity, called the next day to schedule a session with me. They are from Hawaii; Sophie is a 32 year old female, her daughter is a 12 year old girl, her brother Tom is only 10 years old and both children have autism.

“I see a child and an adult. I am the child; I am in Hawaii playing outside in the soil.” She continues to explain that she is also the adult in this scene and she is the adult now in this life. She says; “I see a woman working with someone lying down.” I asked her to connect to the woman, “I am told that I need to watch and learn what she is doing and I also need to listen.” Ask her for her name? “Her name is Rebecca”, she replied. I then requested permission to speak directly to Rebecca, so that she could continue to listen and learn. Rebecca seemed to be assisting Sophie through a parallel life.

A child voice popped in and said “I’m so excited! It feels so good to have a voice and to be able to finally speak,” and then there was silence.

Rebecca stated that Sophie was being instructed to work on the children at night while they were sleeping. By doing energy work on them; they will begin to transform within the next two years. The children will transform to a state where they will also do energy work on all of the children in the world that are considered autistic or may have a defect which we as a society deem as not normal. She refused to use the word abnormal because it had a heavier – negative energy associated to it. Sophie was to ground herself as much as possible to stay strong and to continue doing her energy work.

Young Tom popped back in and called me by my name and (this is where the session become very BQH – Beyond Quantum Healing) he said the following to me; “You and I have been together before, we will resume our work going forward. I see that you have not gotten the tattoo that you were instructed to get a month ago.” Keep in mind I only met Sophie approximately two hours before the session and I knew even less about Tom apart from what Sophie and I have discussed. The information about the tattoo came through another client prior to this session where I was instructed to get a tattoo on the inside on my left wrist. The tattoo was to be the rhythms of a heartbeat with the word BELIEVE in the middle of that rhythm strip. That floored me completely! I have never considered getting a tattoo as I don’t have the pain tolerance it takes to get one.“It is to face the clients when you work with them.” Tom said. It has been expressed in every facilitated session from the very first one to this current session with Sophie. He continued to speak by addressing me by name; “Ms. La Donna, we will not be separated any longer. My mom will work with support groups for children like my sister and I. You will work with the parents of the children – so that the parents can hear the voices of their children. This will assist the parents to understand the role they play and it’s a very important part for the future and the events yet to unfold.”

He was very much the main communicator and the energy was felt in the room as he spoke “I will explain some of the things that you want to understand.” Unexpectantly the camera turns off by itself and I emphasize it has never turned off in a session before. He begins to laugh and says “See, I told you I was powerful, it feels so good to use my power.” I asked him to use his power to turn it back on and it turned BACK ON!

In this moment all I can think was; OMG, this session is awesome, surreal-mind-binding stuff.
“I felt your pain when you worked with young people in your mental health practice, I could see you wanted to really understand their pain, the reasons why they cut themselves. I will tell you that they are like me; they try to hold energy that is too much within themselves that they have a hard time staying in their own bodies.” I never discuss my personal life with clients, so this floored me to no end. How could he know this about me?

“Don’t take on the pain of others as you also have to be ready for the work coming up in the near future. Don’t feel sad when viewing children such as myself as we are crystal children. We have to be in the world like this at this time so that we cannot be adulterated in any way.” He then confirms why 2020 keeps coming through my sessions and what the importance is. “Ms. La Donna,” he says again. “I will come into my own power, my mommy and my sister will come into their power too. They will do different types of energy work on crystal children and the crystal children will need to be awaken all over the world. I will again have my voice and will use it to do channelling work on the children. ALL practitioners like you need to be aware, to be brave, to BELIEVE and step out to work with the parents of these children. I am so excited, I cannot wait although be aware that it won’t be easy. There will be a resistance stemming from a negativity with those who don’t want this awakening to happen. Be strong, tell all the practitioners to be strong. Nothing will stop this soon-to-be transformation. This energy will BE done! The crystal children’s time to awaken will be deemed as miracles and you can call it that, as humankind we will and it will be OUR time, very soon.”

“Thank you for coming to me,” I said.

“I made all this happen and It is the I AM’s will, it is my will and we will transform the world. WE are going to transform the world. I am so excited! Hear me Ms. La Donna, I will visit you in your dreams, I will reveal to you what is to be done when the time is right, as I have done for a long time now. We will always be connected – I LOVE YOU!” I felt such emotion with this soul and the awe of this whole experience that it made me cry.

It was a very strange and it was a beyond beautifully different kind of session; unlike any other session I have experienced before. To hear the little boy Tom’s voice speaking to me, he knew so much about me that it was unsettling, and yet felt so loving at the same time. When ‘THEY’ intend to reach you to do the work ‘THEY’ do, and just as Dolores Cannon still works very closely with all of her practitioners and makes her presence known quite frequently.

Upon completing the BQH session, we left Sophie’s bedroom where the session was facilitated and I could hear Tom making his usual unusual sounds all throughout the session. When Sophie and I sat down to do our post session talk, Tom was bouncing off the walls behind us and a moment later it then became very quiet. I looked at Tom was and he was squatting and in a rocking motion like a ‘monk’ and when I thought this night could not get any stranger; he looked at me and smiled, his mother cried and then the young girl came over and gave me the biggest hug. They are such beautiful souls and this BQH experience was like being in the twilight zone.

It took me a long time to wind down from this session as every little detail was edged into my mind and a session that will never be forgotten.

Oh, before I forget – I am working on building up courage to get the tattoo.

When ‘THEY’ told me last fall the sessions were going to change and become more and more important, ‘THEY’ meant it.

To current practitioners and ALL NEW Quantum Healing practitioners; step out with the intention that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Do not question what is right or what “might” be wrong, get out of the way of your 3D self and step in to your truth, YOU are the universe. Set your intention and just do it, BELEIVE it and so it shall will be!

LOVE & LIGHT to you all always,

Article by La Donna Permenter

LaDonna is a practitioner who practices BQH and QHHT® in Jacksonville, Florida.

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