Bound By Death And Life

Bound by Death and Life

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If you kept up with all the amazing practitioner videos and round table chats in worldwide regression week, I’m sure that you came across Mario, a valued member of the quantum healing community.

If you would like to connect, he’s based in Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany.

Article by Mario Radinger

Bound by Death and Life 

This Quantum Healing session summary might be tough to read, but it’s a very good example of how a traumatic event can set up a karmic contract between personalities that bind them across incarnations.

In the pre-session interview, the client spoke about the difficult, tense, and even aggressive relationship she was having with her son since he had been a child. She had never been able to find a rational explanation for it. She also described a strange dynamic in the relationship with her ex-husband. He had always exuded a strong feeling of helplessness and for a while had even emotionally blackmailed her into staying with him. Another mystery was her irrational fear of falling down…

We started the session and the client went back into a former life as a prostitute in medieval times. She was forced to work in a tavern/brothel, entertaining the drunk and lecherous. One night she got raped by an aggressive customer, and this led to an unwanted pregnancy. When she eventually gave birth to the baby, the young woman’s hatred and desperation was too much to handle, and she decided to kill the new born. She tried to keep it a secret, but was found out, convicted, and eventually executed by hanging. (When exploring lives like that, Quantum Healers always ensure clients are simply observing and not experiencing any physical discomfort.)  

 We called in her Higher Self to have her questions answered. They revealed that the violator from the other life is her son in the present life, (hence the tension and aggressiveness) and that they are bound by a karmic contract: He had to be her child, as he had forced a child on her. From this position, he is to love and treat her well. She is to love and forgive him to fulfil her part of their arrangement. 

The Higher Self also explained that her present ex-husband was the baby she had murdered in the former life. (Hence the helplessness and neediness for her affection) This time, she is to love and accept him for who he is to fulfil her part of that contract. Many heartfelt tears were flowing when that knowledge enabled her to feel compassion and understanding for her family members and herself. 

 Finally, ‘they ’addressed the phobia: When she was hanged, the trap door opened up underneath her and the body dropped. “We can heal this, and we can take this trauma from her.” The Higher Self confirmed, and they did.

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