Bqh And Simultaneous Time

BQH and Simultaneous Time

Beyond Quantum Healing

Article by Chrysilla Lewies

As 19:00 approached and without an ounce of nerves showing, Candace looked beautiful as the president of the college welcomed her alongside all those in attendance. The lecture room quickly started to fill and with only two empty seats, the room was buzzing. 

When you walk into a place as old as the College of Psychic Studies in London, you cannot help but walk back in time and envision the days of old. You see the pioneers and photos on the walls of those who ones upon a time also used this meeting place to spread the knowledge of spirituality.

I was privileged to have been able to accompany Candace Craw-Goldman with her U.K visit of May 2018 and it was a beautiful moment to watch a leader and a pioneer of Quantum Healers stand on the podium in a lecture room full of people and watching as she was mentally preparing herself for a long-awaited moment. To get to this place, took hard work, dedication and sometimes tears, but Candace has always said she did not get there alone and that she knew she had support and friendship around her all the while.

It was a beautiful, hot and sunny day and our spirits were high as we all gathered to hear stories about simultaneous time and to learn how to go within, understand the concept of time, connect with our higher selves and how to actually work with time, a most complex subject. To those who were not able to attend; sit back and relax, and we will fill in all the details.

The Lecture

Bqh And Simultaneous Time 2
Bqh And Simultaneous Time 2

As 19:00 approached and without an ounce of nerves showing, Candace looked beautiful as the president of the college welcomed her alongside all those in attendance. The lecture room quickly started to fill and with only two empty seats, the room was buzzing.

I feel that Dolores Cannon had one of those seats as we knew she was there supporting her. “Dolores was an author, a teacher, and one of the most extraordinary people I have ever known. I was blessed to be able to work closely with and assist Dolores for many years. After her death, many of us have decided to carry on exploring consciousness in an expanded way, inspired by the pioneering spirit of Dolores. Many of us now practice in a new way, which we call Beyond Quantum Healing.” Candace started her introductions.

“Our human concept of time is changing. We are often told that ‘time does not exist’yet most of us create each and every day of our lives around an agreed upon linear system, that revolves around calendars and clocks. Despite this fact, there is evidence that our perception and adherence to linear time constructs have changed. Individuals are now crossing previously seemingly impervious time barriers in a variety of ways, through node points, intentions, dreams, meditation, or sometimes contact with ET’s.”

 Thinking back and almost like it was only yesterday, I can remember how she quotes Einstein “Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That’s relativity.” She is amazing at telling stories, and I could listen to her for hours as she talks about her passions and the love she has for this work. She speaks about how we are born, how we grow up, we die, and then we think it’s all over. “Moving along as a river moves in a single direction headed toward spilling into the ocean we are carried along by time seemingly unable to do much about any of it as the seconds and minutes and hours and days and years and decades roll by. We start dreaming and talking about a different time perspective quite early, don’t we?”She asks us and continues to explain; “In school, we daydream about doing something, anything, but the often tedious work set in front of us. We argue about bedtime and want to stay up late, and we want and the weekends to stretch beyond their boundaries and summer to last forever. We wish for time machines before perhaps we even have been introduced to the wonderful seemingly magical idea of time travel.”

But, we already time travel, and we do it without even realising it. “We foray into the past to bathe in some sweet nostalgic memory or peek into the future with dreams or indulgent daydreams of what the possible future might hold. But these experiences often seem ephemeral to the more real and solid NOW. How many of us find ourselves pushing away that NOW moment for some other NOW moment in the past or future? “The truth is; we don’t always know how to be in that ‘NOW’moment even though it is with us constantly with every breath we take. “

Her eyes glance over all those in attendance; “last year, when the offer for speaking here at the college came up, I wondered and considered what my topic would be. I woke up one morning straight from a Dolores dream that I could not quite recall, I walked into the kitchen and made a cup of coffee, I opened my laptop and Instantly an MP3 pops up and begins to play. I had forgotten I even HAD this little audio clip. The title was – Dolores Cannon on Simultaneous Time.”

Candace played the clip and we are transported back into time where I can see Dolores in my mind’s eye as we listened to her voice discussing this topic; This concept of Simultaneous time is powerful. It is, in the most basic way, the complete opposite of linear time. The human mind has been constructed to run the program of linear time and to ask it to run or understand the program of simultaneous time is not easy.”

Candace is amazing at telling stories and it is almost as if she has the ability to pull one into the story fully as if you are there experiencing it for yourself. It resonates as you are listening and you can feel the hairs on your body to stand upright. “Who knows about Dolores’ books on Nostradamus?” Candace asks.

Dolores Cannon wrote her 3 series of books of Nostradamus through many people whilst doing her regression work. There was a time during these regressions when Dolores repeated quatrains back to Nostradamus to obtain the meaning of what he saw and what a particular quatrain might mean. Nostradamus would be confused and say “I didn’t write those quatrains.” Dolores would respond; “Yes, you did, it is in your prophecies”. Through much confusion, Dolores final realised that she was speaking to a younger Nostradamus who have not yet written these quatrains, because when you do regression work, they may be younger or older and each time can be different. At the end of Nostradamus’ life, he was asked how he wrote his prophecies and he responded and said; “Spirits from the future helped me.”  Dolores was working with Nostradamus when he was still writing his quatrains on his current timeline and Dolores was the spirit from the future who helped him to do so!

The Simultaneous Time Workshop (Two days later)

Bqh And Simultaneous Time 3

BQH Demonstration on Chrysilla Lewies

Using the Water Alchemy process, inspired by Pamela Aaralyn, we set an intention to find out what the connection is between crystals – my name and any past life connections. Whilst doing this process, a student snapped this picture below. Look closely, and you can see a light that clearly travels through the crown through the center of the body and into the glass of water. This same student also experienced some physical symptoms of pain in her right shoulder that she has had for some time and as she did this process with us of setting an intention with the water alchemy and participating in a BQH session. She reported at the end of the workshop that her shoulder pains were gone and that healing had occurred. She was so excited to share this amazing news with us after a week had gone by and that the pain had not returned.

In the BQH regression demonstration, Candace and I turned out to be sisters in a very simple but spiritual life working with plant medicine and programming our food, just as we did with the water alchemy. This assisted us with our vibrations and intention we had for ourselves and the gathering of women we were working with collectively. We were in a medieval setting, and I would bring forth the knowledge of what needed to be taught and Candace was the teacher who spread that knowledge (Just like she does today.)

Working with the Simultaneous time, Candace asked to speak to the leader of our group or someone who will be suitable to answer some questions that will assist all in attendance at the workshop. This is what we do in any typical BQH session to get the answers from a guide, the higher self, a future self or the entity who is most suitable to assist the client.

This was the point where I had to turn into the perspective of Candace as the speaker. She was the sister who was the forerunner at spreading the knowledge after-all. To give her and those in attendance the answers, I had to take on the perspective of Candace. It felt extremely strange from this viewpoint, but the message was; it doesn’t matter how small a connection with another individual might be, there is always a reason for it. At that moment no one knew that Candace was actually speaking to her past self, through me!

How wonderfully it turned out that this demonstration session just might have been not only the ultimate summary of the simultaneous time workshop but also a perfect example of a Beyond Quantum Healing session!

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Chrysilla Lewies is a quantum healer who practices in Aylesbury, England

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