Buffering Electromagnetic Frequencies - with David Manning

Buffering Electromagnetic Frequencies – with David Manning


I've been aware for a very long time that I work too much, and too hard and spend too many hours on my cell phone and on this infernal machine that I am using right now to write this article. The internet, and cell phones have been an incredible blessing and also a huge curse to humanity.

These devices and the electromagnetic and cellular systems on which they depend have connected me to thousands of people across the planet and communities have grown, friendships blossomed and clients have been assisted using them. But there is a dark side. One is the incessant and even addictive tendencies we have adopted to try to stay connected, and the other is the low and damaging frequencies of the electromagnetic energy itself. Over and over again in Quantum Healing sessions clients are told to disconnect from these devices, to get out into nature. To nurture their organic selves in the true nurturing environment of the elements of our natural world.

I fully appreciate the irony- of facilitating the delivery of this message to and with my clients while remaining fully immersed within this system myself,  yearning for more disconnection,  yet finding life's responsibilities making time for this disconnection sporadic at best. 

What to do?

Here's one thing: David Manning  is offering a teleconference, Buffering Electromagnetic Frequencies that can help! Below are David's words and a description of the event:

After a bit of a hiatus, where I haven't felt like I had much to offer, all of a sudden there is a lot moving. Starting with a simple energetic protocol around the issue of electromagnetic pollution.

Last year, I got to spend a lot of time out of London, the very big city I have lived in for over 30 years. I was in areas of low population density, by the sea, and even in the African Bush for a chunk of time. 

This allowed my system to attune to natural frequencies and my field to expand and unfold in ways that just doesn't happen in a big city.  Since that time, London has become increasingly uncomfortable for me. I was surprised. I have always had a deep love for this place, a real heart connection. 

Basically, my system was telling me I was overdue a move to quieter environments. 

My short time in the pristine environment of the Okavango Delta of Botswana was the first time I was totally off grid for years. Returning to “civilisation' was something of a shock. I could feel the depressing, frazzling impact of the frequencies of our electronic age, along with the density of population in a way I hadn't been aware of before. 

We are all becoming more sensitive. That's simply an outcome of the planetary shift we are all engaged in. Many of us spend much of our time in environments that don't support, or actively counteract expanded awareness. It increases the strain on our systems when we are already having to work very hard simply keeping pace with all of the integrations and upgrades. 

I'm aware of a very simple protocol that can help buffer against the impact of electromagnetic frequencies, and the energies modern living. I'm going to talk this through on a teleconference on Sunday March 4th .

I'll look at the frequencies, and talk over lots of differnent ways we can support ourselves, including the use of crystals.

We will also look at the push towards Artificial Intelligence, and how the false frequencies we are bathed in perpetually are a systematic process designed as the early rolling out of the programme of encouragement to give up sovereignty.

 The primary focus will be the energetic protocol and the invitation to our system to integrate and upgrade itself in ways that are naturally resistant to the false frequencies that are becoming ever more prevalent. 

This is important now, before the roll out of the 5G network which is a huge amplification of the man made frequencies that act as a separation from our natural selves. 

Its going to be a powerful and timely piece of work.

Click HERE to register.

David Manning is a Quantum Healer based in the UK. His website is

Thanks David, I wouldn't miss this one for anything!

-Candace Craw-Goldman

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