Connecting the Dots: Solar Eclipse

Connecting the Dots: Solar Eclipse, Quantum Session, and Portals


This Quantum Healing Session took place at our farmhouse in Rural Kansas. We call our farm Atira Moon. My friend and Quantum Healing Practitioner colleague Alice Mixer came for a visit and was a guest in our home. We could have gone to the Wellness Studio in Augusta for our session swap but we elected to remain at home.

Alas my microphones were still at the Studio, so the audio during the session had to be amplified and the quality is not really ideal but you can definitely hear our voices in the video. Maybe I need to get another microphone and leave it at home!

Before we even officially began, Alice and I did a little “practice visualization” exercise and as these things sometimes happen, it was simply an opportunity for the actual session to begin before I ever even laid down. Alice had me imagine looking into my closet and there in the corner was a little 2 foot tall being. An elf, who when asked said his name was Alvin.

(I actually used a clip of that practice session in another YouTube video here– it is a wonderful way for others to see how this works, and also to practice themselves!)

Alvin ended up being sort of the guide or MC of my entire regression experience. He introduced or welcomed in a variety of animal and earth elemental energies to the stage, so to speak. I had a lion guide, an owl and a multitude of red birds, and water elements appear and illustrate concepts and answers to questions given.

It has taken me a few weeks of contemplation and watching things unfold before finishing this video regarding the specific information about the full solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, and today, finally I understand why.

 My plans for the day of the eclipse itself, just 3 days from now have changed from what they had been for months. I was supposed to do a QH Session that morning and neither the client nor I had actually realized what day we had chosen as we had made the appointment so long ago. Well things have changed, and just in the last little while, so no longer are going to do a session that day but we are going to keep our appointment to spend that time together, and both of us have been receiving strong guidance to do so here, at Atira Moon in the “portal.”

The portal is a marked area not far from the farmhouse where, back in 2011 I had an amazing experience of a huge column of light come down from a crystal clear night sky and beam this massive sparkling energy right outside of my bedroom window.

The light was so bright it lit up the entire landscape for as far as my eye could see.

I’m still learning why the column of light appeared and what it meant then and what it means now. I do know that when the event happened, now more than 6 years ago that linear time stopped for me to witness it- or rather I stepped between time in the linear sense to have that experience.

Over the years it has been the setting for other high strangeness and also miraculous events. It has remained a powerful and sacred place not only for me but for others who have been here to visit.

A series of coincidences and synchronicities has made it very clear where I am supposed to be during the covering of the light of the sun.  I am supposed to stand in this column of light, within the portal. The session alluded to the wisdom available in this darkness but to be able to see it, we must access our own LIGHT WITHIN to make it visible. The Light Column is something like Pure Soul/Source energy and IS me. It IS us, and to stand within it- increases it within our physical bodies and apparently can assist in ascension.

Recently I’ve become aware of something my guide Dolores has termed my own personal “They-Team.” As I sat in the portal asking specifics about the upcoming event and specifically about the fact that others are actively avoiding being outside during this time, this was the transmission I received:

The light column that appeared in this spot has forever altered time/space in this specific location. It is a grid point. It is a node point. It is a marker and it is for ALL but it is for you specifically because you are the portal’s human Gatekeeper. The energetics here are favorable for your unique participation in this Cosmic event. Yes, bring your tent, chairs and supplies. Be here. Stay within the circle.

And yes, you experienced the light column “between moments of time” in 2011. This was was a preview and also a time marker for you to gather all necessary components and experience to prepare for this cosmic energy influx. 

It is appropriate and correct that many go within- and be within dwellings and not upon the planet for this event. Many of your most trusted colleagues will be doing thus. 

But not some, and not you.

It is my plan to connect to the light and energy of the Great Central Sun and bring its light down through the sun and the moon and the eclipse and align it with the portal in a great column reminiscent of the one I saw all those years ago.

Connecting The Dots Solar Eclipse Quantum Session And Portals
Connecting The Dots Solar Eclipse Quantum Session And Portals

The light will go through the toroidal fields of my body and down through Gaia to its core where she will then send up her own pillar of light up through my body through the moon and the sun and the eclipse returning back to the Great Central Sun.

And it just NOW occurs to me the profound synchronicity that the name of our Farm is Atira Moon. Atira is the Pawnee Native American word for Earth. It all lines up- just like the light column will line up, the moon and sun and Earth will line up as well.

So there it is. Light Portal at Atira Moon Farm is apparently “a safe harbor” and I have a sense that it is an amplifier of this Cosmic Christed Light that is coming to us during this eclipse corridor and it will be the perfect place to be during this important and powerful day.

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