Convoluted QHHT® Session

Convoluted QHHT® Session

Consciousness Explorations

Jesus and many ET aspects provide metaphysical insights

Article by Irina Nola

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist, a past life regression therapist and QHHT® practitioner. I live and work in New Orleans, LA.

QHHT® known as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, a method pioneered by Dolores Cannon who was also my teacher. Dolores did past life regression and exploration on many ET experiences and contacts over a period of 50 years, and wrote 19 books based on her clients’ sessions. QHHT® is beyond traditional past life regression as it allows us to explore extra-terrestrial and non-human past lives. As practitioners we connect clients with their Subconscious (known as their Higher Self, Super Conscious Mind or Oversoul) and many higher dimensional aspects as you will find in this session.

I love doing QHHT® sessions as they are often very convoluted and provide sacred knowledge and answers to clients’ metaphysical questions. Clients are usually those who love the work of Dolores Cannon as their minds are already expanded by reading her books and they bring many interesting questions.

Dione (not her real name) who also read many of Dolores’ books and felt connected to different extra-terrestrial beings. She felt a deep connection with Jesus (Yeshua) and was told by a psychic that she is a reincarnation of Mary Magdalene. She doubted this at first and wondered why so many women consider themselves to be Mary Magdalene in a past life, and why there are so many different versions of Jesus’ story in channellings? Here is how the session unfolded with some direct quotes from the transcript. I have Dione’s permission to publish metaphysical parts of her session. Dione is a housewife and mother who studied many healing modalities although she doesn’t practice any of them. In this session, she wanted to know her life purpose and gain a better understanding how to open her psychic and healing abilities.

Dione and I explored 3 past lives:

The first past life she was taken into was the life of a tribal boy, most of his tribe died in an epidemic, including his parents and there were only 5 people left alive. White people came into the jungle once in a while in a truck whilst the natives hid away from them. He feels very desperate, like there is no future, their culture is destroyed. He made the decision to follow the tire tracks from the truck into the city. He doesn’t feel like he belongs there, but he has nowhere to go. He lives as a homeless person picking up food scraps and people giving him spare change. He has no desire to get an education or a career and lives this marginal life until he dies from an infection in his 50’s. This life affects Dione, giving her a sense of desperation, sadness, and blocking her from realising her true purpose.

The second life, she’s a Victorian lady in 19th century England, married to a cold distant man. It is an arranged marriage without love and she also had children with him. She dies young from a stomach illness. This life gives her fear of doing anything “improper” as she wasn’t accepted by society. She had the feeling of being stuck in a rut with mild depression.

In the third life we explored, she travels far into our history into Ancient Greece. She is a young man trained as a soldier. He has curly hair and olive skin. He’s also slim and athletic. He lives on the Island of Crete, performing military duties as a guard although he has never seen a real battle. He grew bored of being a soldier; he left and took up studying philosophy. There were many philosophers and the study was very wide-spread. He was able to access books written on papyrus and participated in discussions with fellow philosophers. He decides to take a ship to Delphi; a 3-day sailing trip to consult the Oracle about his future. He met a woman in a dark room and found himself kneeling in front of her. He doesn’t ask her any questions as she already knew everything there is to know about him. She said: “You must travel and share your knowledge.” It is a very short audience, but he takes it seriously and becomes a traveling philosopher going on foot and on ships between Greek cities and islands.

How do you make a living and do you have any work to earn money for travel?
“No, I don’t have to. Philosophy is held in high esteem, it’s considered honorable for wealthy people to house and provide for those similar to myself. I stay in nice house, they feed me and pay for my travels. I never become rich and I have enough to survive.” He feels that most of his sponsors do not understand his teachings as they only want him as a decoration for their parties. He dies young in a tavern brawl, killed by drunks in a fight. When his soul leaves his body floating (which usually happens after death), he finds himself drifting to a beautiful Greek beach with white sand and blue water. There was somebody there waiting for him. “It is Jesus! “ He said.

Conversation with Jesus

Jesus often appears in my sessions and he always looks the same; a Middle Eastern man with dark wavy hair, olive skin, dark brown eyes and a beautiful smile. He radiates golden energy, and I can feel his amazing presence! It is always such a pleasure and honor to meet him through my clients.

As they hug each other Jesus says: “You are my brother!” and explains that they know each other very well in higher dimensions.

Did they have past lives together?
“No, they are both Sons of God from the highest vibrational level. Their roles on earth is to share their wisdom. They can go through other aspects such as their feminine aspect of Christ Consciousness, known as Sophia”. I ask Jesus: what is Dione’s relationship with Mary Magdalene? He responded and said: “She carries Mary Magdalene’s codes, as she is attuned to Magdala and Magma of the Stars, the space where creation happens. The feminine aspect of the Universe and as such she is married to Jesus spiritually and in higher dimensions. This is the sacred union of the feminine and masculine aspects of Christ Consciousness.”

Why are there so many Magdalen’s and so many versions of Jesus/Magdalene story?

“We are making it all up as we go along. In the present we are creating the past, it is all in the now. There is no objective past, as it changes depending on current perspective. The psychic who told her that she is Mary Magdalene is in her soul group and so within that soul group creating the story of Jesus in the now. The psychic is Mother Mary, Dione is Mary Magdalene and their mutual friend is Jesus. These are all archetypes and they are past-lives being creating in the now within this bubble known as their soul group. She is the feminine counterpart of Jesus as they resonate with each other.” I can see how this can apply to many other Magdalene’s and many versions of Jesus’ story.

Pleiadian aspect

Jesus clarified her connection to the Pleiadian civilisation. He confirmed that her most recent past life was there. He then brought forth Dione’s Pleiadian past life personality; a tall beautiful blonde woman who we continued to have a conversation with. Pleiadians’ are all about service and many service-oriented souls come through Pleiades.

What was her role there?  “Music, frequencies.”

Can she use these abilities in this life?

“Yes, that’s where the frequencies come from. This is what she’s supposed to be doing on earth. She writes lyrics, but she doesn’t have the musical abilities in this life.”

Shall she publish her poetry?

“Poetry is the art of words, words themselves do not matter. It’s about the frequencies coming through this way. She needs to go beyond her Earthly music and into non-physical frequencies. Lyrics do not matter; it’s just her way of connecting. She’s learning to bring forth the healing light from the highest levels into physical manifestation. It heals; she needs to trust that the Light knows where to go, that she knows the right frequency.”

Why is she so reluctant to be a healer?
“She does not practice these modalities because they do not feel right to her. It’s not the way she heals. They feel very primitive and labor intensive. She holds onto the failures instead of learning to move on, she is also afraid to disappoint others.”

Can you help her to release these blockages now?
“Yes, (The Pleiadian self does energy healing and removes all blockages.) it will take several days for her to feel the difference.”

Sirian Aspect

What’s her connection to Isis, as she feels very drawn to her? (we are still talking to Pleiadian Self at this point).

“Isis is a Sirian frequency; it is coming in as a silver ray to help activate the codes needed for evolution of humanity. Dione will hold the codes in the human collective. She is a conduit for bringing in these codes. There was a being known as Isis, who was a physical embodiment of the code, but Dione is not connected to her, only to the original codes. She had a Sirian past life and there is a triangle between the Sirians, Pleiadians and humanity. It is like the male and female integration.”

Do Sirians have a gender?

“Some do. They can achieve a very high in frequency level and when embodied they do. She had both male and female Sirian lives.”

What was her predominant occupation on Sirius?

“Science; it’s a life science dealing with living beings. That’s why she feels so connected with the smallest of living beings.” (The Sirian Scientist continues the dialog) “They are like her children, she was a part of seeding life on Earth as a Sirian when this beautiful planet was created and many of them just wanted to experience life here.”

What can she bring from the Sirian lives into her current life?

“Higher intelligence and a level of connectedness. She has a sense of elevation; she can see things from a very sophisticated point of view. Her elevated mindset can put her into a judgmental frame of mind and she gets frustrated by lack of sophistication.”

How can she solve this dilemma?

“She can remember they are all her children. Sirians helped to elevate humans and they can see the potential of what humans can be. They have worked with our DNA. She is now becoming aware of higher aspects of herself as she merges her higher and lower mind. As she observes her lower mind, know that it is a part of the lower world, it is not personal. You need the lower mind, as if you are underwater and you have to navigate. When Higher Beings come to this planet to make a difference, they need to be able to make a difference. When you come to this planet you are bombarded by lower frequencies, and you can drown. The best thing to do is to know you are underwater and these lower frequencies are not you, you are here to infuse the higher light. Connect with what is above the water and don’t take what is underwater personally. Find the progressive subculture, it does exist.”

Higher Self

As we are talking to all these different beings, I finally ask; What is her Higher Self? Is it one of the many aspects we are talking to – or something different?

Sirian Scientist answers: “There are many levels, there are also levels which are closest to God, but these levels have to come down several notches in order to provide life advice. The Higher Self is like a collection agency, like a FUNNEL; which can receive information from higher lifetimes and funnel them down into this one.”

All these aspects we were talking to are a part of her Higher Self?


We would like to request healing on her physical body, also a surrogate healing for her family members; shall we call in her Higher Self or any particular higher aspect?
“Her Arcturian self.”

Arcturian Self

“I am a masculine presence, we are not very physical. I am slightly identifying with masculine polarity because of my activities; they have to do with wisdom-teachings”.

Why are you the most qualified to be a healer? (Among all aspects)

“Arcturians are healing specialists. We have the most advanced light technologies and the Sirians’ use our technology. They originate in higher Arcturian realms; we work with human physical bodies as there are many negative thought forms impacting them. We work to surpass those thought forms.”

Healing is an important part of QHHT® sessions; usually it is done through the client’s Subconscious or Higher Self. Clients with extra-terrestrial past lives, it is quite common to have an ET being or having a team do the healing. Surrogate healing for her family in this case was their Higher Selves that were brought in, as most of them never had ET past lives.

New Atlantis, New Earth, the Event

The client had a question about a dream; The Temple of Healing which is described in Dolores Cannon’s book “Between Death and Life”. We thought it’s a higher dimensional place where she visits to receive healing when she is sleeping. “New Atlantis, her Future Self works there. (Possibly in this life or a potential future live)

What is New Atlantis?

“It will be a time when space will not exist as we know it to be now; it will be a new space forming through the collective frequency. It will exist in a higher dimension to bring the rest of the human collective into these higher dimensional frequencies. Like an island, it will expand bringing in the rest of the landmass into these higher dimensions.”

And her final question was about New Earth; does it exist now and how will we get there?
The Arcturian answered; “New Earth already exists in higher dimensions. It will be an internal crossover, like crossing a Rainbow or Crystalline bridge. When you cross into it the world you will see, everything will be LIT, like a very sudden shift.”

What about the timing of this crossing, will there be an ‘Event’?
“You can’t really nail down the timing. It will be subjective as everybody will be crossing over in their own time. Time is impossible for a linear mind to understand.”

From the perspective of those on the Old Earth; what happens to those who crossed over into New Earth? Do they disappear?

“No, they will not disappear, their perspective will shift and they will see everything in a different light. When you shift it affects those around you and they can shift with you if they are ready. It is like flipping a switch that flips all other switches. Those who don’t know about the ‘New Earth and still find themselves there will not know what has happened; they will understand it a bit later. Those who are not aligned will still look the same, their world will still be the same, but we will see them differently.”

Would they realise that something has happened?

“No, they will see people are happy, but they can’t perceive their enlightenment. They will see that they have peace and can create the lives they want, and have so much more enjoyment.

Final words

At the end of the session, we ask for any last words of guidance and The Arcturian advised; “We would emphasize the excitement and bringing in the Pleiadian being, the balance of masculine and feminine. She can think about it as being her female Pleiadian self and her masculine Greek past life self. It is like Heaven and Earth, but in reverse polarity; masculine being of Earth and feminine from the stars. This will balance all things coming to fruition. That is all.”

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