Corona Crisis Or Chance To Feel Connected

CORONA: Crisis or Chance to Feel Connected

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One of my dear fellow Quantum Healer colleagues asked if ‘we’ as quantum healers, aren’t downplaying the reality of what’s going on in the world with the coronavirus? My answer to his question turned into the following blog.

Article by Patricia Grootjans 

CORONA: Crisis or Chance to Feel Connected

I do think we need to be practical. There’s no way we can ignore this. And I feel for the ones who are going through health issues due to Corona, no matter what the cause is, it has led to a crisis. And with every crisis, we have a choice in how we respond to it. 

Every crisis, personal or global offers us a chance to choose fear or love. And it isn’t a choice that will be consistent 24/7. When it gets close to us, we can feel fear and yet it’s in those situations where we can help ourselves and our loved ones to choose high vibrational energy; where we can choose optimism, joy, and love, where we will bring calmness in our hormonal system, our nerve system, and our immune system. This is how we can prepare for and deal with viruses and low vibrational energy such as the Coronavirus.

I’ve been going through pain and life-threatening situations. I’ve had days where I was in unbearable pains without being able to move or call for help. And it’s exactly in those moments that I’ve learned that in that fear, pain and feeling deserted, I might as well choose to feel joy, focus on love, focus on every single positive thought I could bring to the surface. And every time I managed to change my thoughts, my emotions, my perspective, the entire situation changed and not only did the pain go away, but my health also improved and the crises did not affect me anymore. 

Life has offered me so many chances to realise that we can always choose high vibrational thoughts and emotions, even when we are in the eye of the storm. Every time I have chosen to raise my vibration, somehow everything changed in my inner world and the world around me.

When I decided not to engage with fear-based energy, I felt that my inner light became stronger, and the Universal light seemed to send me more of its warmth and positive experiences. During this time where many countries are closing their borders, and more people are placed in quarantine, we seem to be isolated. Yet this is exactly the time where we can choose our unique perspective and chose how to feel. Are we isolated from the world, or is this a chance to realize how connected we are?

A friend shared his thoughts on how he thinks this virus offers the whole world a chance to become enlightened, without meditating. Simply by realising how we are all connected, how we are all vulnerable to this virus and how this is the time where we need to take care of each other. 

His perspective touched my heart and it reflects how I have been feeling the last few weeks. A feeling that something big is about to happen, a feeling f joy without understanding why, and yes, also concerns about health, our economy and practical matters. I know deep down this is a chance to increase the light as well as be the light. We can increase our light not by ignoring this world crisis, but by choosing higher vibrational energy instead.

I felt sad for those who had to die in the hospital alone, without having a chance to say goodbye to their family. I don’t ignore that feeling, nor that reality. I let that reality be, I sense it and then change my energy to love, compassion, and into a state of calmness. This is how we can send high vibrational energy into the field that is now so filled with fear. 

In January, I wanted to start a new project and my guides told me to wait. When I impatiently asked why I had to wait, the answer was that disease would interfere. I asked if I myself or my family would suffer from this, and the answer was no. I had no idea it would be a global issue they were referring to. 

My guides have asked me to create meditations on healing the water in areas that are affected by the virus, so I started with a meditation for the Blue River in China. I knew that probably a small group of people would understand why I created that mediation. Now, this morning I listened to a video that my dear friend and fellow quantum healer Chris had sent me.  The speaker in this video was explaining the role of 5G to viruses and how viruses are like toxins in our physical water. Hearing his explanation made me realise why my guides asked me to create this meditation. 

When I searched for the meaning of the word Corona I found;  “gaseous envelope around the Sun and other stars. The Sun’s Corona usually is visible only during a total solar eclipse.”

This shows us how we can deal with it. A solar eclipse seems to block the light. Yet it is the Corona that shows us the light of the Sun is very much alive.  Just as a solar eclipse offers a chance to look for the light within ourselves, so can this corona situation offer us the same. Simply connect with the light within and the light of the Universe. 

Stay centred and calm.

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