Dancing with Gaia, Co-creating a New Story

Dancing with Gaia, Co-creating a New Story

Metaphysical Musings

Ever see a newborn? Notice how angelic they are? How they respond to Love? How they respond with Love?  

We were once angelic newborns and according to what we experienced growing up it shaped what we believe, what story we’ve been telling ourselves. Maybe the story is; I am not good enough, I’m not loved, I’m not smart, pretty or thin enough. Life is not safe, I must take care of others, I must work hard or Life is a struggle. You get the idea. We can be aware of the story or it can be operating under our conscious awareness. But it shapes our life and our experiences.

It’s time for you to know the truth. Our bodies grew inside our Moms, but from where did our Spirit, our life force essence come? We are both human and spirit, we are Multi-Dimensional Beings. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience?” And from where do we come? We come from a realm, a place in the cosmos, a place of Love. We are Starseeds!

And before we chose to come here and be born on Mother Earth, we decided why we were coming, that we have a purpose. Part of our journey was an agreement that we would forget that we came from Love, that Love was our Home, that Love was who we truly are; that we are magnificent Beings, Master Creators and Manifestors. Another part of our agreement was to experience difficult situations and people who would cause us to forget, even more, that we came from Love. Why did we do this? Because Earth is a school, a place to test and challenge ourselves, to experience life incarnated in a body, to forget and then to remember, to evolve into an even greater version of who we truly are and what we are here for, which is to seed the remembrance of Love into this World. As we remember we can then remind others of whom they truly are.

There was a call sent out into the Universe, Mother Earth needs help, the people need help, they’ve forgotten who they are and how to love and care for Gaia and each other. And so we chose to come, to experience forgetting and then remembering through difficulties, that we come from Love and we are here to embody Love and allow that Love to flow from us to all those around us, to Gaia.

So, it’s time to feel, acknowledge and release the old story filled with pain and confusion and open the way for a new story to be lived, from a place of Love.

Awakening is so much sweeter after we forget you know? (Po-A-Tree)

Have yourself a QHHT®/BQH/Mindful Practice session soon!

Margaret Andrews is a Mindful Practice and QHHT/BQH Practitioner, located in Laytonville, CA, Northern California.


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