Dear Andrew Martin

Dear Andrew Martin


The following is an actual letter I sent to Andrew Martin after I woke up from a dream a few days before I was to interview him and Katya Turner on my Quantum Healing with Candace Show. The entire show was to focus on “Connections,” how we make them with others, and why they are important. 

Dear Andrew,

I had a dream I would like to share with you.

I have these particular dreams – I call them the “park bench” series. When I see that park bench in my dreams it is my cue that I am having a lucid, higher-level dream.

I often meet guides or loved ones from beyond the veil there- and they give me a message or deliver some information I had asked for or that they think I need. The first person I ever saw there was my dear late brother Randy, and that was way back in 1989. Dolores Cannon comes to chat and my Lion guide too.

So why am I telling you this. Because I just woke up from a dream and YOU were at the bench last night! I was just so darned surprised. I’d not ever met a currently incarnate human being at the park bench. I sat down and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Oh goodness did you laugh. Then, you put your elbows on your knees, clasped your hands, looked at me and said; “Multidimensionality.” Then you grinned and said, “Let’s talk.”

Then you sort of pointed up above your head, and pointed to various thought bubbles said, “I have selected a few brief personal life memories that I am making available to share should you find them helpful in your journey.”

I was, somewhat confused and remained focused on the fact that I knew you as a living human being and considered you colleague and new friend. I was used to seeing my brother, or a spirit guide on the bench not people I knew to still be in the flesh and I was still trying to make sense of what was going on. You noticed the confusion on my face.

You said, “You and I both know this game of life is changing. We’re stepping up the pace and moving to a new level. Yes, I can and do share some of my personal life events for teaching concepts to others when I talk, or write. I use my voice or words  to do that, but—that is not the only way I can share my expansion with others. We can do it this way too.”

Then you pointed up at the thought bubbles. There were about 3 little movie clips of memories playing above your head.

I was having thought like, “Oh my goodness isn’t this a violation of privacy?”

Then you just addressed that thought I was having head on and said, “Remember I have specifically chosen some of these memories and lessons to share with others- not just with you, you know. I have sort of released them into the realm of thought where others can access them if they are a match or are needed.”

Finally I spoke and said, “No offence Andrew, but this is a little weird, I mean, I really don’t know you all that well.”

You laughed and said, “Well- there is a lot about my energy, and my own expansion that is benefiting you and you can think of it this way- some of my own personal experiences are some you yourself have not had to deal with in your life.”

I looked at you and you said, “Yeah, like The Gay Thing.”

Then you laughed and laughed some more.

The experience pretty much ended after that. The park bench series dreams don’t happen very frequently, I certainly don’t have them every night. They are special and somewhat rare. So I am sitting here drinking my coffee and still a bit stunned!

Was that you? Your Higher Self? What?

I look forward to discussing this event with you further!

You know Andrew, so much has changed for me energetically in this crazy summer of 2017. There have been some big shifts and new openings. My dream seems to suggest yet another new way that human consciousness is expanding. Another new way to illustrate how we really are, in some ways “all one.”

I’m so happy we have connected, and I will definitely let you know if I see you at the park bench again.

Here is recording of our interview!

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