Do You Feel Like A.S.S.? You’re not alone.

Do You Feel Like A.S.S.? You’re not alone.


For the last several months I’ve been seeing a spike in people on social media discussing vague descriptions of body aches and pains, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue symptoms, and the like—with no concrete diagnosis. People with these seemingly random complaints have also been coming to me for help for the past three years, and I have been experiencing these symptoms myself. I call it A.S.S.: Ascension Symptom Syndrome—a tongue-in-cheek way to describe how we feel at times.

The past few years have seen a speeding up of time and events as well as an increasing frequency of the Earth that we call “Ascension,” a metaphorical and energetic sacred journey. As the Earth is raising its frequency to move into a higher dimension, many of its humans are, too.

Common symptoms being reported around the world include:

  • Body aches
  • Flu-like symptoms with no fever
  • Headaches (with no prior history)
  • Late-onset allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Racing or scattered thoughts
  • Feeling like you’re “going crazy”
  • “Not wanting to be here”
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Weakness
  • Periods of overwhelming fatigue
  • Intuition opening up
  • New sensitivities to perfumes, dyes, additives, synthetics, and drugs
  • No longer tolerating large crowds

By themselves, these symptoms are not necessarily cause for concern. Many will seek medical advice only to be told there is nothing wrong, or that they have a poorly-understood condition such as fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue. In other cases, a number of biological markers will be out of balance such as enzymes, hormone levels, and blood markers—with no corresponding diagnosis.

Seen together, these symptoms become a syndrome, a group of symptoms that consistently occur together, or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms. This syndrome has been primarily hitting those who are aware of or waking up to their frequency, their vibration. In other words, those on a sacred path: light workers, empaths, and those who do not feel in sync with the rest of the world. 

I’m referring to what Dolores Cannon called the “volunteers,” which she describes in her book The Three Waves of Volunteers. Long ago, the plan was for the Earth to raise its frequency and move into the 5th dimension, but it needed help. The call went out across the universe to recruit volunteers to help anchor the light and raise the Earth’s and humanity’s vibration during this shift.

We (light workers and volunteers) answered the call and have been coming since around the 1940s/50s in different waves; perhaps more than the three general waves that Cannon describes. These volunteers are also known as the Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow/Gold/Platinum generations. In general, we come in at a higher vibration and anchor the energy, but it is difficult.

This higher frequency means that we are more sensitive to EVERYTHING than other people: to stress, emotions, fluorescent lighting, chemicals, scents, etc. Our bodies may also react differently to medication, resulting in increased or unexpected side effects. We may be the first in our families to have food allergies (though additives and genetic modification in our food supply may also be to blame) or cancer. Our bodies may not even behave in predictable ways, resulting in idiopathic disease—or even making us medical anomalies.

In addition, many of us are waking up to being empaths: those who “feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings” ( We take on others’ emotions, often without realizing it, like a chameleon takes on the color of its surroundings. When we witness strong emotions, we share them. Simply being in crowds, or around certain individuals, can result in more physical and emotional symptoms. Events in the news can also trigger strong emotion, as just reading the words or seeing the photos cause our emotions to shift as we identify with those in crisis.

What especially makes things difficult for these highly sensitive individuals is the very nature of being physical on Earth. The Earth’s energy is dense. Communication is slow and clunky, free will (we’re the only place that really has it) often results in lower emotions such as greed, anger, and fear. We also have manipulated our food into something that doesn’t always nourish our bodies by genetic engineering and using preservatives, additives, and “-cides.” Plus, other people don’t understand how to manage their energy or emotions, and it sucks ours away.

The Earth’s timeline is speeding up, and it is stressful because everything seems to be happening at once. Add to that the chaos our country—and the world—is in right now, with shocking news breaking daily. Stress has always been part of life, but our stressors are increasing exponentially with job losses, gun violence, political instability, climate change, racial tensions, hate crimes, and much more.

The closer we get to Ascension, the more intense things become. And more people are getting “switched on,” making them more sensitive to the energies around them. Fortunately, light workers and empaths are finding each other through social media and the internet. We help and educate each other, and many of us are learning and practicing modalities that help us manage our energy. Reiki, Access Consciousness, Quantum Heart Alignment, Healing Touch, Attunement, and more help those struggling with releasing that which no longer serves and achieving balance. Life coaching and spiritual coaching help with understanding of self and the universe around us. And hypnosis techniques allow us direct communication with our highest good.

I practice Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (the work Dolores Cannon developed). A recent session gave me hope. In the session it came out that the client had volunteered to come to Earth now because he had prior experience with Ascension, having been through a similar process elsewhere:

J:       …He wants to know about the energy feeling. It’s intense. He should understand that it is the nature of reality rejecting his system.

C:      How can he integrate it?

J:       He should continue his work.

C:      What is that?

J:       Advancing spiritually, becoming pure. He would do better to stop eating animals. He laughed at that in his head…. [That will help him] be better able to feel and integrate the energies without them overwhelming him the way they are right now.

C:      Is [J] ready for Ascension at this time?

J:       Yes. He’s done it before.

C:      How so?

J:       He had ascended before he came there.

C:      Where did that happen?

J:       In the Pleiades. He is part of a people there.

C:      Oh my gosh, so this has happened before…

J:       Yes. He came to help others through this.

C:      Because he has experience with it?

J:       Yes.

C:      Are there others who have had experience with…

J:       Millions. It’s a very popular place to be, on Earth at this time.

C:      Are there those who are not volunteers, or are we all volunteers?

J:       Most on Earth are volunteers at this time. Not all, but most.

C:      Good. Is there anything the rest of the volunteers should know?

J:       They all know. They all know everything they need. On some level.

As you see, the client’s higher self recommended a vegan diet to help him manage his energy at a higher frequency. Many people I’ve spoken with have naturally gravitated to a “lighter” diet without knowing why. They just intuitively knew it helped them feel better.

There are other things we might do when our Ascension symptoms are in full force and we feel “off.” Meditation helps, as does being out in nature. We can also take frequent breaks: from work, social media, the news, or difficult people in our lives. Find what gives you joy, and do it. Avoid crowds. Read inspiring blogs. Seek out uplifting people and events. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, do not go it alone. Find others on a similar journey and build a community.

In other words, manage your energy during this turbulent time. You will feel better for it.

Christi Clemons Hoffman is a Quantum Healer from Kansas City, Missouri.

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