Dolores Cannon - Three Years Since Leaving the Earth Plane

Dolores Cannon – Three Years Since Leaving the Earth Plane


Our beloved Dolores left the physical plane three years ago today. I remember getting the news as if it were just yesterday. No one was expecting her death at 83 years young, not even Dolores herself. She allowed me the great privilege of assisting her in her training classes and I remember her saying that “They” told her she would be working well into her 9th and 10th decade, and as it now appears, in many ways she is doing just that.

She is certainly doing that through us, her thousands of “students,” by teaching us her method. From 2002 to 2014 Dolores traveled the world teaching her live past life regression and quantum hypnosis class that she later called QHHT®. ( One of these classes remains recorded on video, and it is still available online).  Her method is based on the idea that all answers and healing, even of physical challenges, is available to an individual simply by using hypnosis to access the greater part of themselves that can provide them the assistance they seek.

So even in 2017, each and every time that one of her students sits and holds space for a client while they experience their own inner wisdom and personal connection to the Divine a spark of the beautiful light of Dolores Cannon continues in this physical world. Dolores called this inner wisdom the “Subconcious,” but always said that “’They’ did not care what you called ‘Them.’” The important part was that the connection was made, the dialogue begun, and the healing was available.

Those who practice Dolores’ exact method, or with some personal variation that takes into account the shifting needs and constructs of humanity, know the power of the “Subconcious”, or the “SC.” Thousands of us across the world have sat in Quantum Healing sessions with clients and feel that power and that healing within our own selves right along with our clients as they find their answers and make important discoveries about their own lives, and often, the lives of our greater humanity as well. Dolores herself continues to make appearances, helping her students and their clients, in ways she could never have done before.  

This “sharing” of the experience of the client’s “SC” and its energy and information fields with the practitioner, is not something often talked about in relation to Dolores’ work but in my mind is profoundly relevant from a variety of perspectives.

Dolores herself recorded thousands of sessions in more than 45 years of practice. With each connection to the “SC,” it is my thinking that her own connection, to her own Divinity became brighter, clearer and stronger. Is it no wonder that so much of the world adored her, especially in her latter years? This light, this wisdom and connection to higher realms remains available for all to experience; in her books of course, but it is also physically available to hear in audio interviews and to actually see in the many videos still available on YouTube and the Internet.

People are still “discovering” Dolores on these videos. They are attracted to her – not only because of her lovable grandmotherly-like character, and fascinating stories, but because of this magnetic attraction to that “light!” Discerning humans can often just “feel” within themselves the authenticity of another when they are speaking or sharing information and it is that authenticity of “light” of Dolores Cannon that continues in this world.

Those who make this connection to Dolores’ light, whether they are fans of her work, or actual practitioners of her method, become a part of this light as well, and keep it alive and bright for all of us.  In many, many ways Dolores’ light shines brighter today than it ever has.

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