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Exciting News for Everyone I FREE Sessions!


Exciting News for Everyone – FREE Sessions!

2018 is just around the corner and it is apparent to many that an important shift in consciousness will take place in 2018 and beyond, and we, at are here to serve the Quantum Healing Community by providing the necessary resources for healing, spiritual awakening and exploration and raising the collective vibration of us all!

So here are some questions we would like to ask:

If you are a client…

Have you ever thought about trying different quantum healing modalities?

Not sure about what modality will be the one for you?

Don’t have the necessary funds to book a session?

Or are you just curious about what kind of experiences or services quantum practitioners have to offer?

If you are a practitioner…

Are you thinking you don’t have the necessary experience to be listed in our directory?

Are you struggling to get the amount of practice sessions required for your specific modality?

Are you thinking about trying new techniques for your modality?

If you are an instructor…

Have you ever thought about showcasing your students?

Are you willing to promote the modality you teach?

Would you like to help your students get more practice sessions?

Would you like to provide your students support from a thriving and generous and open-minded Community?

If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, we can help!, with our flexible and easy to use interface, allows practitioners the ability to offer free practice sessions. Yes, you read it correctly! Finally an easy way to offer free practice sessions!

Clients will now be able to select the “Free practice session” option under their desired modality in order to locate practitioners in or near their hometown that offer such sessions or they can find practitioners who practice their modality online. They will able to search by language spoken as well. Anyone anywhere in the world with access to the Internet will be able to find practitioners who are offering free practice sessions.

I am a practitioner, what do I have to do to offer free sessions?

If you are a practitioner and want to offer free practice session, just log in to click on your dashboard/profile details and select the “Free practice sessions” option for your modality in your profile details. It is that simple!

What to expect from free practice sessions?

If you are a potential client thinking about booking a free practice session you should consider the following:

  • The practitioner might still be getting experience; please be patient with them.
  • Have an open mind and do not bring any expectations to the session. Trust your practitioner and allow yourself to be guided.
  • Be a little flexible with your time, since your practitioner might still be learning how to manage the duration of a session.
  • Feel free to give them feedback. All feedback is positive. It will allow them to keep learning and growing in their modality.
  • Be considerate. If you book a free session with a practitioner, let them know if you will not be able to keep the appointment and also let them know if you are going to be a little late.

What to expect from practitioners offering free sessions?

If you are thinking about offering free practice sessions, this is what and your clients will expect from you:

  • You should have actually studied the modality for which you will offer free sessions.
  • Treat every session, even a “free” one, as a valid, professional session because that’s what it is. Respect the time duration and procedures of your modality. Don’t skimp on your time investment just because they are free.
  • Communicate thoroughly and go over all of your and their expectations about a session.
  • Be respectful of their time and their commitment to the appointment.
  • Encourage your client to provide feedback from your session. All feedback is good feedback, and allows you to grow and learn from your free sessions!

With this new offering from Clients and Practitioners will get the necessary experience with whichever modality they choose! What a great win-win situation for everyone interested in quantum healing!

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