Expectations in a Quantum Healing Sessions

Expectations in a Quantum Healing Sessions


Expectations are possibly the biggest challenge in a quantum healing session, at least from a practitioner perspective. A client who has watched a hundred past life regression sessions on YouTube, or one who has read every Dolores Cannon book published almost certainly has different expectations from a client who may have just recently discovered this subject matter.

Expectations are not always a “bad” thing. Depending of course, on exactly what the expectation is, some expectations can create excitement and energy for a session and that can be great. But, an expectation that is too specific, or uninformed, can bring severe limits or even disappointments to a session.

Not all incredible sessions make for good YouTube story material! 

Rigidity creates a lot of limitations and disappointments. Clients who have the best outcomes are open to just experiencing the consciousness exploration of a quantum healing session and realize that healing, shifts, and positive outcomes can come in an infinite number of ways!

It has been my experience that the very best sessions are ones where both the client and the practitioner are flexible and open.

Here is number 9 of our ten video “Get Ready” series that tells two very different client “expectation” stories and their outcomes. These stories just may surprise you!

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