Exploring The Depths Of Photonic Light

Exploring the Depths of Photonic Light

Beyond Quantum Healing


 BQH, better known as Beyond Quantum Healing, has a Community of practitioners who continuously push the boundaries of what beyond really means in the field of consciousness that we work in.

Candace Craw-Goldman, the creator of the new BQH techniques, shares her definition of photonic light as it’s in her newly created BQH induction: “I do not think of it as the “science based red spectrum” kind of light, but more in this higher science/spiritual definition beautifully defined by Sandra Walter.”

BQH’s use of pure photonic light is reminiscent of “Silver River” or any light infusion process, or meditation. As none of those things are unique or new in and of themselves, but it is quite specific in its use of defining the light’s origin and its composition. This triggers deep memory for many and sets the stage for profound experiences during and after the BQH session.”

As we search for the true meaning of what Photonic light is by looking at different sources; the mainstream knows it as a red light or a low-level laser therapy that can be used for healing. It falls onto the visible spectrum between 400 to 700 nM (Nano Meters) and it works in conjunction with the body’s own energy centers on a cellular level.

Sandra Walter, an expert in the field, explains: “In order to propel us into a unified frequency of oneness, the particles of consciousness behind/in/below the cellular level must be altered in a dramatic way. The light itself does not feel dramatic; it feels sublime, absolutely peaceful, and absolutely present in oneness.”

The energy is currently extending and penetrating itself in and onto the earth plane and it’s birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored onto the planet. The energy currently being experienced by higher frequencies is based on bandwidths of vibration, and by using a set of colours and light could potentially have a big impact on us. We won’t physically see the interaction, but by finely attuning yourself, you will be able to feel the subtleties it presents. If one breaks down the composition of neurons and photons which is a level above pure light energy, it means we are still being bathed in these higher-dimensional energies that can be called by many names such as: Diamond Light, a Silver River or the Violet Flame.

Barbara Hand Clow, the author of the Mayan Code and The Pleiadian Agenda, speaks about the ozone hole opening due to the Photonic Transmutation awakening the 2D telluric realm – meaning near the earth surface, via the North and South Poles. You can adjust to the pattern as it builds up and by attuning to the resonate vibration of the 1D Iron crystal in the center of our planet. She wrote, “You are Photonic light, a mass of cells that is pure intelligence.” And that is what Beyond Quantum Healing is about.

Understanding the Dimensions:

The 1D – First dimension is our Mineral Kingdom,
The 2D – Second dimension is our Fauna and Flora, plant kingdom.
The 3D – Third dimension is our physical reality and all things composed of depth, length, etc. It’s also the animal and nature kingdoms.

To better explain both perspectives; Barbara speaks of the lower dimensions being awaken through this platonic light as you “attune to the 1D Iron Crystal.” As you connect to Gaia through meditation or through other spiritual practices; by pulling up the energy from ‘below’ into your being and therefore allowing the flow of energy to move through your Chakras, you are connecting to the iron crystal within the earth.

Sandra explains how the light is penetrating itself in and onto the earth plane creating a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored onto the planet.”

As above, so below

When you think of an anchor, you see a heavy object attached to a cable or chain, used to moor a ship to the sea bottom, typically having a metal shank with a pair of curved, barbed flukes at one end.

We are all anchors to a degree as we anchor the energies coming in from the ether. We do so through methods such as walking out in nature or meditative practices. Connecting to both the upper and lower realms of our earth plane bridging the gap, allowing for healing to take place on many levels; allow for karma to clear, and bringing in the photonic light into the consciousness of all who live here; from the first dimension through to our third dimensional reality.

Beyond Quantum Healing is being taught by Candace Craw-Goldman online beginning July 1, 2018. Look for the link to that course HERE.

Article by Chrysilla Lewies, Quantum Healing Practitioner.


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