Feel the Galaxy with Samiksa Love's 'Galactic Bells'

Feel the Galaxy with Samiksa Love’s ‘Galactic Bells’


Samiksa Love is a Quantum Healer who lives in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

During her channeled music practice (which began spontaneously in 2013), Samiksa sits at the digital piano with an open heart, presses the record button and just starts playing. The outcome is as much of a surprise to her as it might be to another listener.

Samiksa’s daily channeling sessions are always joyously healing and transformative as the energies pass through her. Although she is a classically trained musician, these Energy Transmissions are recognized by Samiksa and her audience as an unexpected gift from higher dimensions, channeled and shared with Love, for the entire world.

Did you know that our Milky Way galaxy alone has hundreds of billions of stars like our sun? This information can be difficult to truly comprehend, so our Energy Transmission will assist us with feeling it instead of understanding the concept with our minds.

Samiksa writes, “As I was playing (Galactic Bells) today I kept seeing what looked like church bells at the galactic center, almost like the core was sending out a signal for us.

Our Transmission might actually remind you of church bells, but on a much larger scale; bells that echo and resonate deeply.

As you listen, place your attention, if you can, on the center of our galaxy, and feel the reverberation of the galactic bells as they pass through all of the stars including our sun, which is of course, a star itself.”

You can find Samiksa at her Directory Listing or her website: http://www.samiksalove.com

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