Finding The Light

Finding The Light

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We are living in exciting times where not only our societies are changing, but so is the Earth herself. As hard as life can be for all of us, I really appreciate being allowed to witness these changes taking place at this time.

For far too long, we as a race have been manipulated and controlled by dark forces and there are many theories as to why this is the case, and I believe many theories could possibly be true, but I will not pretend to know for sure the reasons as to why this has occurred. I even have my own theory that I developed (maybe others have come to the same conclusion) as to why things have been the way they are here on our planet, but I will not get into that at this time.

We are in a “shift” right now and transitions like these can be hard and painful for us. We are waking up and reclaiming our power, and we are seeing through the veil of the systems that have been in place to control us such as religion, government, and other organizations. However, we are waking up to all of this now, and are accepting our multi-dimensional selves. Many of us know this truth in our hearts already.

Whilst all these beautiful changes are taking place, there is also much chaos happening in the world. There is always chaos in transitions and change and now that people are taking back their power, guess who is REALLY grasping at straws to try and maintain control?  The DARK FORCES.  

As we are in this shift, I beg people to understand a few things. This shift is about us waking up to our own FREE WILL. We are waking up to realize that we are all DIFFERENT, and are on different paths (yet collectively on the same path) and that this is a beautiful thing. For far too long we have been taught to be all like one another. We are waking up to the realization that everyone’s reality is different yet valid. Just because we do not share a reality with someone, doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. There is so much more to this, but I think you catch my drift.

With that being said and while remembering that the darkness is fighting back, you are on your own unique path! Understand that True Agents of the Divine will never try to get you to do what they want by making you feel as though there is no other choice. True Agents of the Divine will honor and respect your free will. They know there are many paths up the same mountain. True Divine Agents will not come across as bossy, arrogant in their ego, or as an absolute authority. They also do not fall back into that dark vs. light polarity trap, for there is nothing to fight and only our power and free will to reclaim.

True Divine Agents honor your reality and free will and they don’t try to inflict their reality onto others. They open up and share with others and they are not concerned with whether or not you believe in their reality. They aren’t concerned with fighting people to listen to them, as they understand free will and that everyone is on their own unique path.

Unfortunately, there are many people who think they are working for the Divine Light when they are not. The True Divine Light does not put you up on a pedestal and make you feel like you are more special than everyone else. We all have different backgrounds and gifts, which that in and of itself can make us feel special, but they will not make you believe that you have all the answers and that you know everything. The moment someone gets all up in their ego and loses their humility, the true Divine light will leave them alone for a while until they hopefully come back to their senses. If someone is displaying these negative traits that I have listed and they are still doing seemingly incredible things, I am here to tell you that they do not have the backing of the Divine Light. They are being backed by the “false light” which is one of the dark forces many tactics to try and maintain control.

It is an easy trap to fall into; to be manipulated. Most of us on this awakening path have had to go through weeding out the true light from the false as the dark forces like to get their hooks into those who are newly awakened. Understand too, that it’s okay if someone admits they were wrong because they discovered that they were being manipulated. I myself have been there, many of us have. It doesn’t make anyone weak when they admit they were wrong, it actually makes them stronger. If anything, it gives one even more tools to be able to recognize the false light. Remember, we are all on the same side!.

All I can say is to PAY ATTENTION. There is a spiritual war taking that cannot be seen, only felt. Honor your gut and heart’s instincts and do not give away your power to ANYONE. Use your intuition and discernment and remember that your own soul is your best guide and teacher. You already have all the answers inside of you and know what you need to be doing. If someone is acting as though they have all the answers for you, RUN! Run far away! When you get to hold and maintain your vibration, it will be much easier to spot this and not be touched by it.

Remember, this shift is about finding and taking back our power, not giving it away to others anymore. Start meditating if you are not already, so you can learn to hear your own soul and higher self. They will not lead you astray!

I love you all.

Tara Davis

Quantum Healing

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