Forum Highlights August 11-16

Forum Highlights August 11-16


Another amazing week for the Original QH Support Forum Community, August 11-16! Read on for a brief recap of the goings on:

What are your plans for next week’s solar eclipse? A number of discussions spotlight the timeliness of this event and a venue for augmenting peace.

Is it physical, or not? Three different discussions look at high pitched ringing, PMS and spinning!

“Picture the client`s life/reality as a computer game, and that the HS as not only the program, but the whole computer with all its hardware, software and everything!” This is an analogy which the HS came up with about itself in one practitioner’s session.

This week two session story posts struck strong chords of resonance with practitioners and gave them hope. In one Archangel Michael acknowledged the practitioner’s unstated struggles with people who don’t understand what she’s doing, foretelling change. In another the practitioner received a surprising message from a client who’ session was halted in the middle and deemed a total failure. 

In an unusual session story a woman who suffered with hyper sensitivity her whole life found herself observing and absorbing the emotions of fly like creatures assembling body like parts on an assembly line at an extremely rapid pace. It turns out that this is part of her mission in this life.

*For information about Forum Highlights and a brief history of our Forum, please see this awesome article *  

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