Forum Highlights July 14-21

Forum Highlights July 14-21, 2017


Another great week for the Original QH Support Forum Community, July 14-21! Read on for a brief recap of the goings on:

Picking up on a suggestion from a Forum member, a new category for posting requests for healing energy, prayers and positive affirmations is in the works. Suggestions are now being taken for the name of this category.

And while some practitioners are coming back on track and picking up steam after long absences, others are feeling a huge energy drain as of late. This week’s discussion explores many facets of what could be affecting energy workers worldwide.

Honing skills are always in the forefront of practitioners minds. And what better way than sharing recordings and giving feedback on each other’s sessions. A new group is being put together by one practitioner for just this purpose.

A query by one Forum member as to whether more attachment clearing then usual has been coming up as of late seems to have been answered by a resounding definite possibility. This week saw three new discussions on explaining and working with attachments plus three new session stories.

For those more interested in the down to earth side of things, this week’s session stories dealt with methadone addiction, MS and curing a running 27 year bout with myalgic encephalomyelitis

When a practitioner sat down to watch the chaos happening while waiting at an airport for a flight, she could feel the warmth and unconditional love of the older gentleman who sat next to her. She watched as he went to work with his third eye and each Chakra, then toss light to groups of people arguing.  Then you could see the argument diffuse… and people apologize “oh dear, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so upset with you, it was not your fault”. There are angels among us…

*For information about Forum Highlights and a brief history of our Forum, please see this awesome article *  

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