Forum Highlights July 21-27

Forum Highlights July 21-27, 2017


What a week for the Original QH Support Forum Community, July 21-27! Read on for a brief recap of the amazing goings on:

Practitioners are keenly aware of the light that they hold in their hands. And Forum members will stop at nothing to utilize this light for good. As a response to requests a new category called “Quantum Healing Room”  has been set up for posts on those whom can benefit from our prayers and healing energy.

Many practitioners were surprised to find out that the new Practitioner Listing pages has an area where you can see how many times your page was viewed and some other handy stats.

And the Forum blog is expanding with a new “Meet the Practitioners” series which will both bring new and interesting materials to the blog readers while providing a venue to bring more clients to practitioners.

With all of the discussion on legal, prescription and other drugs in the news, it’s been coming up more and more in Forum posts. The wide range of practitioner’s experience and advice is quite amazing.

But one person was accused of being on drugs when she went back to work after a miraculous healing. And she wasn’t even the client! A young woman, after her mother became the surrogate for her in a session, was infused with energy and vitality after years of suffering from chronic fatigue.

When we see remarkable results in a session but the client expresses their doubts afterwards it can be more than a little discouraging. One practitioner’s encouragement to her client after such a text resulted in amazing before and after pictures just a week later, while another practitioner was amazed at an email that came from her client flying high after his breakthrough a full year later.

This week a wealth of Forum gold was dug up from the archives, including a post from 2014 with over 100 Awesome clicks.

Have you heard of the false light entrapment? An attachment gave a detailed account of its escape which resulted in being lost and wandering back on Earth.

In another unusual session Dolores told the practitioner to stop talking and let the client go to the restroom. The large gelatinous glob that came out of the client left both in wonder.

And while we all like happy endings, sometimes they’re not the happy endings that we expect. One client who came because of difficulties that she was having with a new rescue cat she adopted found out that the cat had a mind of its own and wanted a different home.


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