From Metatron with Love - For compulsive Doodlers

From Metatron with Love – For compulsive Doodlers


You can share your gifts in many ways even by doodling. This is a story about Lara who discovered during a Quantumhealing session that her extensive tendency to doodle (draw) on any type of paper in her vicinity was actually a  light code channeling from Metatron for her and all those who laid eyes on them.

Do you like to doodle – to cover paper margins, notepad covers with drawings, mostly subconscious?

So did Lara. 

Indeed, she was famous in her company for leaving a marking on almost any document that passed her desk. She couldn't help it – if she held a pen in her hand and there was paper the inevitable happened – a drawing was placed on it. They started small but if uninterrupted would cover most of the white part of a document.

Contracts, manuals, nothing, was saved from her. The doodles were beautiful geometrical figures – triangles circles, combinations of both. She was not paying too much attention to it and she and her surroundings just looked at it lovingly as a harmless quirk.

It was much to her surprise when she found out during a quantum healing session that she was channeling Metatron while doodling. She had complained about not being connected to her guide and not receiving guidance. Now she learned that Metatron was currently her main guide and that he was in fact tirelessly communicating with her. 

His chosen way to message her were drawings, her beautiful, expansive geometrical drawings. Sometimes with activation codes for her, sometimes for the people who would see them while walking by or standing in her office.

She learned that the codes were visually fed back to her while she was in the flow of creation activating and receiving new information, preparing her for new tasks in her life.

Why a drawing and not words? In short: To bypass the analytical mind.

Metatron put it this way: Lara is being prepared to let go of known symbols such as words, languages or pictures. The drawings are a way to help her understand that information can be passed on in many forms. He is encouraging her to develop her intuition and sense deeply. 

After becoming aware of her connection she started to create space for this aspect of herself. In the morning she started by making a cup of tea and do a morning drawing. Like a little hello to Metatron. When in case of doubt about a subject or just when feeling weary or confused she sat down consciously picking up a pen – they became more and more colorful over time – and started to draw whatever was flowing through her. It was soothing, comforting, clarifying and usually when lifting her eyes from the drawing, she would feel refreshed and centered, with the feeling of increased inner freedom. 

From this being state, everything was easier and things were flowing. Later she stated that she had discovered her personal spiritual practice, a way of effortless connection to elevated being states guidance and peace. Just what she had been searching for.

Spiritual practice can take many shapes. It might just start off as a doodle on your paper margin. And Metatron added: Pay attention to what you love, what flows through you effortlessly, it is likely to be your personal channel to your very essence. 

Thank you for reading!

Much Love


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