Going With The Flow And David Manning S Energy Work

Going with the Flow and David Manning’s Energy Work

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Candace Craw-Goldman, the creator of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) writes about her beautiful experience of listening to David Manning’s energy healing teleconference; away from electronics and being in nature. 

 Going with the Flow and David Manning’s Energy Work

I planned my last Sunday around David Manning‘s energy healing teleconference as I was looking forward to “Releasing The Construct of The Human Condition.” 

Anyway, at the appointed time I readied myself in a quiet place and clicked on the link- and…what? I missed it? I was nearly 2 hours late. The call had already taken place.

After a minute of disappointment, I decided that this, like everything, happened for a reason. I sat quietly for a moment for guidance. It came quickly, from a new group of beings, I have recently been introduced to called “The Council of Healers.”

“There is nothing more important for you to do at this moment except to listen to this recording. However, you must not listen to it in this place. Disconnect from the internet and the energy of the house, and family, and take yourself to the woods. The energetics of the trees, and the water, and the moist ground are crucial elements to anchor and deepen this experience for you. The flow of the water nearby will assist in carrying away some of the more dense energetics you are poised to release.”

Internet absolutely does not work by the creek. I couldn’t have listened to it LIVE even if I wanted to!

It was already quite warm so I took my little lightweight tent, some pillows, and water to shield me from the very busy, buzzy insects in the woods.

I was guided to a familiar place and watched the sparkling rays of the sun filter down to the spot I chose to set the tent. This photo was taken from inside, through the tent screen. The creek was flowing to my left and I could clearly hear the bubbling along with David’s voice on the downloaded recording.

I quite frankly don’t even remember a great deal of detail from the call itself, apart from the points about connecting with nature that strongly entered my awareness. I drifted in and out of deep meditation as I felt my energy field respond and clear. It was amazing.

I definitely plan to listen to it again. And hopefully again, outside! Like in so many of our Quantum Healing sessions, the impact of the moment is felt later and over time a reminder to just be and absorb; don’t give in to your analysis of the experience.

If you haven’t experienced a David Manning energy call, do check out his website. He has some free offerings you can test drive.


Article by Candace Craw-Goldman


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