Group and Individual Regressions - What's the Difference?

Group and Individual Regressions – What’s the Difference?


As Quantum Healers, we often get the question, “What is the difference between having an experience of a one-on-one individual regression verses having a regression in a group?” It’s a good question and we answer it often. There are some similarities, but also definite differences.

I recently facilitated an amazing group regression at our Quantum Healing in5D and Beyond Conference. There were many healers and high-vibrating people participating in that session and I am pretty sure we were all affected by the wonderful healing atmosphere and the extraordinary loving connection of the group itself!

One of the wonderful Quantum Healing Practitioners at this event was the lovely Violeta Stoica. I’ve asked her to relate her experience and also to talk a little bit about how she explains the difference between individual and group regressions to her own clients.

I had the great pleasure to attend the consciousness-shifting event in Sarasota, Florida in October. One memorable event was when we were led in a group regression. These kinds of sessions are actually great opportunities for people to see if they resonate with hypnosis in any way. For people that are willing to just let go of any expectations or any fears, these moments can bring in very interesting and even enlightening experiences. For some, like myself, that have experienced many hypnosis sessions themselves, participating in a group session can add new details, new pieces of information to help us see the “bigger picture.”

Here is what happened for me during the session: After I traveled through time and space with a vehicle that I am to use from now on, a Merkaba, I went to my home planet. From the distance it looked like a light gray, small barren planet somewhere in deep space, but when I got down on the surface, I saw that was metallic, with lots of rivets, and a big part of the surface was taken apart, so that I could see that the whole inside of it was hollow. The planet itself was also a ship!

It was an amazing experience and I learned quite a number of fascinating details about “my planet” from this group session! Anyone can now listen to Candace’s Seashore to Starship Journey as it is now available on YouTube.

So now, to the differences in group regressions versus an individual session, but before I do that, I just want to mention that Hypnosis is a way of exploring one’s Self. It is an introspective journey with tremendous value so if you feel attracted to the idea of knowing yourself, hypnosis is for you and a group session is a great, easy way to start!

Group sessions are a way to find out if you resonate with hypnosis in general. One can learn a great deal about themselves from such an experience. For example, you can learn that you go into trance easily or if you can visualize, feel, smell, taste things just in your mind. Also, you can learn that you can release the need of control, to allow the process to take place. And there can be nuances, too, in all of these. There can be degrees of allowing, too, or the depth that you allow yourself to go.

In a group regression, the wording is, of course, the same for the entire group and you don’t get to talk or to answer questions that are asked by the facilitator unless you want to at the very end, when you have already returned to being fully awake.

In an individual session, the facilitator, who is normally intuitive and well guided and attuned to you, their client,  will ask the questions and you are encouraged to answer them as the answers come to you. This is actually key for the success of your session. The more you talk, the better it is. Also, the facilitator will creatively dig deeper into your answers to get all that you are supposed to get from your session, whereas in a group, the answer could be just an idea, and there is no way to explore it further. In an individual session, the facilitator can ask you specific questions that only pertain to YOU, who is undertaking an unique life experience.

So this is what you get in an individual session. Mainly, you get more of everything: practitioner’s attention, information, details, personalized questions and further investigation, attunement from the facilitator to your own, unique problems and issues, genuine human connection, and of course, love and support.

You can learn more about Violeta by visiting her Directory listing or her website:

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