Hair Color

Hair Color


Jovy Wan has been a member of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum since 2013. She practices in Hong Kong.

In QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) we often find information that expands our mind to no bounds. One of my clients in a session quite some time ago saw a past life where he was a scientist from another planet, sent to Earth to help develop animal species through experiments. It was a time before any human or animal of any sort existed. The place he landed was a beautiful, serene green forest and my client was a male in his prime, wearing white rubbery shoes and a one-piece white uniform with a triangle logo on the chest.

The entire session was amazing with very interesting information about the Earth back then, how his experiment went wrong and how he created the first bacteria, there were space stations so big that housed millions of people/space refugees…and much more.

However, I’m most intrigued by his answers about his hair:

Jovy – Bold

Client – Italic


Now look up to your head and tell me, do you have hair?

Yes, I do. My hair is long.


I wonder how long?

All the way down to my ankles.


I see. What’s the color of your hair?

My hair is beautiful. There are many colors.


Many colors? You mean your hair is like a rainbow? 

Rainbow? (Client started laughing) No, no, no. Rainbow only has seven colors but my hair has more than a thousand colors. It is really quite beautiful.

My mind had a big wow moment right there. Didn’t Dolores Cannon always say, “Expect the unexpected”? How silly my limited mind was when associating many colors with a rainbow?

Much love,

Jovy Wan

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