Hand In Hand (Part 3 of 3)

Hand In Hand (Part 3 of 3)

Beyond Quantum Healing

Part 3 of 3 (click HERE to read part 1HERE for Part 2)

The following is the final of a three part story by Tiffany Evans, a current Beyond Quantum Healing student, soon to be a full fledged BQH Practitioner. In this story she gives us a sense of who she is as a person, her unique challenges, her desire and drive to make a difference in the world by helping others even while she moves towards achieving her own healing.

Hand In Hand

During the first two instalments of this 3-part series, I discussed my awakening journey and what lead up to it, in part 2 I left you on a cliff hanger of what happened when I watched the first World-Wide Regression with Allison and Candace. I know it wasn't very nice, but it was the best way to make you understand how much that next hour would change my life. After I listened to a few of Allison's videos, I knew that I was interested in what she was doing and I defiantly wanted a hypnosis session, but I had no idea what it would lead to.

Let me set the scene. I was pretty sure before I ever sat down that I would be taken to the new earth, as I had been dreaming of it almost every night, and would be taken there at least once a day during my meditations. So, I get in my recliner while the kids were away at school, I put in my headphones and put a labradorite crystal in one hand and an amethyst in the other. I had a blanket on my lap ready to go. Once I get into a trance state, my spaceship came down as a glowing orb that once I entered, I became a part of the ride itself, and it was beautiful. Sometimes I would see odd-looking planets and other times just bright colors. Eventually I was brought back to earth,  only it was a time long ago, mid 1600's I think. I was taken through scenes as a healer and helping many of my fellow villagers. People would even come from miles around to seek my aid, so much so that from time to time my sister would come to help me.

I was very happy in my work and would easily get caught up in helping others, as much as I would forget about myself, I was beginning to fear I would never have a family of my own. Then I jumped forward again, only now I was being accused of being a witch and they were planning to burn my sister and I at the stake for witchcraft. I was so hurt in one way, mostly because I had brought my sister into this as well, and she would die for helping me. I was also thinking in the same breath that they didn't know what they were doing. I was looking out into the faces of all these people I had helped, all the children I nursed out of sick beds, and the babies I delivered thinking they were just scared. I flashed forward again and my sister and I were holding hands as we were being burned alive at the stake and I could’ve sworn I could feel the burn on my arms and legs, and neither of us screamed out. At that moment the doorbell rang, the delivery man had just dropped off a box.

The delivery man didn’t know he took me out of the session just when things got too much for me to handle. I didn’t go to door, I just laid there thinking about what I had just experienced. I was meant to be a healer, something I always wanted to do, but not in a sterile environment like the hospitals and clinics of today. In the visions of this woman she was so much more than the herbs she mixed together for her clients; she was who they went to when they needed someone to talk to as well, a counselor for them, and a leader. I felt such a connection between the ‘me’ of then and the ‘me’ of now. I had to try again. I know it may seem a little crazy, but I just felt her/me burn alive, and my intuition was screaming at me to go back into the scene and get the answers I was seeking.

So, I did, and I started the regression over. I got back into place just as I had done the last time thinking if I did everything the same way I would go back to her. My spaceship came, and I got inside, only this time it was ALL blackness around me. I had a physical body this time as well.

 “Hello” I called, but Nothing, until I saw myself walking toward me in a long white dress. She was beautiful,  healthy and glowing; her smile was one I had never seen myself give. When she was right in front of me, she began to talk with the same gentle smile on her lips that looked so much like mine, “Are you ready?” she asked. All I could do was nod my head. She sounded like me too, well the me in my head anyway. “Are you sure? Once we begin there will be no turning back,” she said. Somehow in that moment I became completely calm and knew just what to do and what to say. “I am sure I am ready, and if you didn’t think I was ready you wouldn’t have brought me here,” I replied. She smiled brightly and nodded as we reached for each other’s hand.

As we touched hands everything around us changed; we were still surrounded by darkness but, there was a huge circle of people around us, and that was when I saw her. The ‘me’ that I had just burned at the stake was here. I was just about to ask who all these people were and why she was here when the ethereal ‘me’ began to speak, “We needed you to see who you are before it’s to late. Things are happening and you need to wake up and do what you were sent here to do. You spread the light like a beacon and always have,” she said with the brightest of smiles I had ever seen. “Who are these people?” I asked her. “Don’t you see yourself in all them as you do me? Don’t you see that you have lived well over a hundred lives and looked out of all of their eyes?

You, and and many others on Earth today have a great power that could move tides and change worlds, but you must wake up and use them. Think about that until we meet here again,” and just like that she smiled and pushed me away. I felt like I fell for a long time thinking over what she had said. I had a vision from my childhood: I told my grandmother almost those exact words when I was 4 or 5 years old “there was a room full of people of watching out of my eyes and waiting for me.” I remember her telling me it was just my imagination. I was back in my recliner at home and had just a few minutes before the kids were due home.

I have had many more experiences in that room with an identical ‘me’, and since then and every single time  – it is life altering in some way. That first day I had amazing experiences that told me I should be doing more, so I investigated hypnosis on the encouragement of my guides, and I knew right away BQH was that path for me. That just meant I had to figure out a way to do it. I knew that the class cost is nothing compared to what it could have cost, but as a single mother on disability who must live on about $700 a month, and every penny is accounted for; I deceided to put it out into the universe that I want to become a practitioner. How do I make that dream come true? I asked myself

Well it took a while, and I got grew a ton while I waited. Things would come up and the money I somehow saved would have to go to a new pair of shoes for my son, or glasses for my daughter. It all worked out though, because during that year I got to help three people move on to their next life. I helped many people who were no longer sure of their religious beliefs, and I had to learn many lessons that would help me on my path. One if the most important lessons I learned, is that you can’t help someone who does not want to be helped. The people I’m here for is those who are lost, so that I can be a beacon of light for all those I come into contact with. My dream became a reality, and I figured it out with a little help from the late great Dolores Cannon, just how to do it. She spoke with me and told me just what I had to do to make this work for me. Within 48 hours everything aligned.

I am adding this to the whole story, because it feels important, although I wish I remembered more, if there is more to remember. Two mornings after I had everything figured out to start my BQH classes I woke up to a soaked pillow. I kind of remembered crying in my sleep, but sometimes that happens due to the immense pain I live with every day, but I knew somehow that wasn’t it. Then it occurred to me how much worse my pain was than normal. Only now the pain wasn’t just my left arm and chest, it was everything, and everywhere, and my heart felt like it had been shattered into a million pieces.  I had visions of all the times I was uncontrollably crying in my sleep, and then I got visions of this warm white light in my dream that would fade and become more intense, and when the light was at its most intense so was the pain. It took about 15 minutes of lying in bed for the pain to subside, but as the pain went way so did a lot of my everyday pain. Within about 30 minutes my heart and soul felt lighter; more so than it ever had, and my pain level was down to a 3 or 4 out of 10 which is amazing as my daily pain level would be at an 8 on the pain scale.

I want you to understand why I want to help. I had a tough childhood, I had no teenage years to figure out who Tiffany was other than a mother. I went right into an abusive relationship that left me wrecked, but I got back up and kept going. I fought cancer and won, I fought my daily pain and found my serenity. I have figured out how to be a light when everyone wants to bring you down into their darkness. I want to help others do what I have done, and I feel that the best way for me to do that is through becoming a BQH Practitioner. So yes, I have never actually had a session of my own, but I plan on giving many sessions in the years to come and touching as many lives as I can by giving sessions to others.

Thank you for taking time out if your busy lives to read about my story, and I hope that you could see yourself somewhere in the words, and could feel the passion I have for this way of life.We are all connected, and we all have the spark of God within us that connects us, we just have to use it.

With all my Love and Light,

Article by Tiffany Evans                        

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