Hawkins Scale of Consciousness

Hawkins Scale of Consciousness


In my Quantum Healing Sessions I often refer to the great Dr. David Hawkins and his scale of consciousness. The video clip below is Dr. Hawkins himself explaining the scale and the numbers and levels and is only about 7 minutes long.

So many people are interested in “raising their vibration” or “increasing their frequency” and with good reason. The higher you raise your frequency and vibration, the better you feel, the happier you are, the more at peace you become with yourself, your family, your world.

**Map of Consciousness removed at the copyright holders request.

Your perception of anything, any event, person, or situation, displays fairly accurately your current place on the scale. If you find yourself embroiled in conflict, angry at a variety of people, helpless, or ashamed of your past, you will move down that scale. If however, living in the same body and with the same life, you shift your perspective and see all of life as a gift, and love in all things, you begin to move up the scale and your frequency increases and you simply find more happiness and peace in your life.

Often the next question becomes, “Well, how do I actually do that?”

There are many ways. Mindfulness meditations, quieting your mind, turning off the news, not participating in arguments or debates, focusing upon what you want and not focusing upon what you do not want are excellent ways to begin.

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