Healer: Can we Have a New Label Please?

Healer: Can we Have a New Label Please?


“Where words are used for division, they do not serve:
Where words are used for distinction with Unity they can always serve

-Ged Riverstone

Some facilitators of well-being don’t particularly like the label “healer.” It is sometimes thought of as an over-used word and doesn’t really fit like it used to. Most of us understand very well that all healing is self healing, and if that is true then we are all healers anyway.

I had an interesting conversation on this subject with my Facebook friend Ged Riverstone. I asked him to come up for another word or term for “healer” I enjoyed the thoughts he shared so much I asked if I could turn them into an article and he agreed.

Heya Candace- OK, for what it's worth. I have a word for you to feel into – 'Weavers'. What are healers but co-creators with the client? Some weave with song and sound, some weave with colour, some weave the dance with their hands, but are all not weavers of energy, weaving and creating new patterns of energy, new possibilities, new timelines?

Not saying you want to call yourself a Quantum Weaver…

(Why not?)

Hmm, you might want to have a conversation with Dolores on this one – I just did, and it was a chuckle.!

What is a 'Healer' but a Catalyst? An alchemist, a transmuter, a re-patterner? I get where you are coming from, people are really healing themselves, and we are but assistants, channels or catalysts for that. In the absolute sense, we do nothing; things happen, but in the relative sense, we do 'do' something. If we did not show up with a willingness to open our hearts and assist with Love, would healing/transmutation occur?

Hence, whatever words I may come up with, I am ultimately left coming back to the words 'Healer' and 'Healing', and have no problem with them. I feel rather, it is the attachment to, or weight given to any word that can be problematic. If we attach our Ego to the word and identity as 'Healer' (or anything for that matter) claiming to much the 'doer ship' we sail into muddy waters.

What comes to mind is the Tibetan term 'Divine Pride', which really is beyond either pride or humility, but more just owning what we are, which is ultimately beyond any definitions. The Ego-mind can only ever practice false pride or false humility – that is it's game, whereas Divine Pride (Hmm, maybe should just be called Divine Being – Divine Human Beingness) is happy in and with it's own being; joyful, grateful, Loving, and never sees itself as either above or below others. Rather it sees the same Divine Being in all, and honours both the One Living Being within all things, as well as appreciates the Individual expression of that Divine One. It is the great equalizer, no above or below, no higher or lower, no dark or light; beyond duality, and yet encompassing and embracing duality and dancing joyfully with that as well.

So, where does that lead me? We are all Singers, we are all Dancers, we are all catalysts or activators for one another (ha, or my word 'Galactivated'). In that same sense, we are all healers, dancing each other awake, and singing each other Home. Dancing awake the Dream of the New Earth into Reality within this plane of existence.

I guess the long and the short of it is, like any word or label, it is not the words themselves that can be problematic, but rather if we are using them to cause division and separation, rather than as terms of distinction and clarification for Unity.

Phew, don't know where that all came from, but I will not apologize for it being rather long-winded. Maybe there was some value in there for you or Andrew Martin or someone. I do not know. But I trust. When I am prompted to comment and words flow, I let the River Flow. Am I the River or the Stone? Ha ha, I am both, and I am all things, as are we all. May it be useful. 


Much Love to all.

-Ged Riverstone

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