How Does a Shift in Consciousness Happen?

How Does a Shift in Consciousness Happen?


How does a shift in Consciousness happen?

Sometimes we need to hear things more than once. With all that is happening in this rapidly shifting world, the question on everyone’s mind is what is it going to look like. Will it be beautiful, will any earth changes be destructive etc. I love my meditation time in the mornings because it is when  powerful guidance like this pours out. It is not about what the external world will look like but more importantly a shift of internal change. The full message is below in it’s entirety.

Just breathe, let everything else fade out. All the turmoil in your soul, all the chaos in your mind. Become still. Worrying about all these distractions, become still, quiet. Just Breathe. Give it only the attention it requires to help it move along. Clear your thoughts of distractions, clear your vision. Think about our beautiful galaxy with its stars. Think about all the life that surrounds you and permeates you. Become still. If you want to make a course adjustment you first have to slow down, stop, become still. This removes the distortion of time. Quiet, peaceful, still.

Now call in your guides, your helpers or angels. The celestial aspects of your soul. They bring much wisdom and knowledge and guidance. For eons they’ve been travelling through celestial space and time and dimensions, learning, gathering knowledge, experiencing all so that you can now bring in that stream of consciousness.

And draw upon the collective experiences from your past. The memories you have created, the lives you have lived, on this planet or out between the starts, yesterday or millennia ago. They contain all your lessons, realizations, talents and gifts. They are now pouring into your soul.

And draw upon the threads of the future, the unseen, the potential of your hopes, dreams and yes even fears. Creating balance between potentiality and reality in this moment in which you are finding yourself. Let us rest upon that horizon. Fill your soul with all that you have been, all that you will be and all that you are. Like the eagle that soars in the sky. Free, focused and clear in its path. Descending from the heavens to make its home on the earth below. Home.

You are home. You are more than a container for your soul. And we would like to share this beauty of the soul that you are because it cannot be contained in your body, or your home, or your car, or your work, or this planet. No you are much more. You are the face of your soul. But one voice, one representation of the many points of light that you are. Just as you understand your “source’, as you call it.

You have come to this world at this time of your knowing because you heard the call. Your love and admiration for what is happening here, for the unique forms of life that co-habitate this planet is the single most important purpose of your soul at this time of your development. And this planet is unique. It’s never been done like this before. Over 7 billion souls sharing space. Humans, plants, animals, yes they have soul energy also, other dimensional beings, all have come together to learn from each other. To see if it can be done.

You are the role models for many other universes. We’ve tried to make it work in the past, many times. We thought that if this time you forget who you are maybe you would value each other more. But we were wrong. We didn’t anticipate that this veil of forgetfulness, within you, would hide the light in your heart. You have entangled yourself and gave up your creation power to another. That’s all that the dark is, it just hides the light. It is not good nor bad. It just is, with its own purpose.

This planet of free will has with it many opportunities of knowing. There is still so much to uncover. And we know you wonder who WE are. We are you and you are us. You cannot fathom what that really means from a human mind. Not until you step out of the shadow.

Step out of the shadow of other’s beliefs. For too long they’ve kept you asleep. Step out of the shadow of other people’s fears, because they too have forgotten who they are. Step out of the shadows of other people’s rules and expectations. You cannot live up to them, you cannot continue to feed them. You have to live up to you.

And as you each, in your own time, step out of the belief of shadows you will see it is all an illusion. A projection, a moment of many expressions of life. Because until we forget who we are we cannot begin to search for the truth in ourselves. Hate, love, tolerance or injustice, compassion, excitement, joy, hope, fear, anger, forgiveness are all spectrum of expression of a soul. Do not get caught up in these fleeting moments. Seek the truth in your own heart. Shine your own light so that others may find their way. Give them a hand up to stand in their own truth, just as we extend it to you. Find your voice by feeling who you really are.

All that you are, ever have been or dream to come is contained within your essence. Learn to seek it, share it and create more of it.

Truth, in love, is the compass of your soul. You have chosen to be here at this time. Love, which is truth in unity, outshines the darkest night and binds together dimensions and realities so that you will now always remember you are an infinite soul. A part of many souls, many points of light. You are never alone. You never have been or will be separated from what you are. 



Nicole Radke C.Ht, Author, Hypnotherapist, Channel, and Intuitive Medical Medium.

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