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Human Life

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What is the reason we exist at all?

The Original Quantum Healing Support Forum is a Community of energy healing and hypnosis practitioners who enjoy lively conversations on all matter of spiritual and metaphysical subjects. Recently one member posed the following profound question:

“What is the reason for incarnation into a human body?”

You chose to incarnate at this time to bring Love and Light to the planet and assist with the ascension process. Don’t lose sight of your purpose and mission based on other’s behaviour. As a creator being, you chose the human body as a way to experience the 3rd, 4th, and 5th dimensions with all of the emotions which include fear, sadness, pain, hurt; incorporated in the physical human body. Those emotions are not part of the higher dimensions, so you could not have the experience unless you came into a physical body.

There are so many who go from 3D, living their standard Life , and then move into a spiritual life and forget the earthly life they have led, which then leads to conflict between family and friends. 

 We are not here to “save” or interfere with another’s journey. This is part of the lesson as well. Acknowledge where they are, send Love and Light, and continue to walk your path. Friends, family, and loved ones will notice the changes you have created in your life, but do not let their judgments stop you from walking your chosen path. We all have different life plans, each one has a purpose.

So I ask you: 

What is it that your family and friends are teaching you?

People say I’m a different person after an experience, surely the new understanding should enhance our lives – not destroy our lives and our relationships?

We cannot make people accept a new understanding. They must make their own choices, if and when they are ready. Destroying or altering relationships is a cause and effect result in the 3rd dimension, as people become awakened. It is neither good nor bad, but a transition into another level of awareness in which we choose to exist. Family and friends play a role in the reality we create and all relationships carry a vibration.

So I ask you:

What is being destroyed? [ old patterns?]
In what vibration do you want to live?

These are questions we all must ask and answer for ourselves.

Article by MJ Olinger 

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