Hurricane Irma - Collected Thoughts from Our Community

Hurricane Irma – Collected Thoughts from Our Community


Michelle Walling

Fires. Solar flares. Hurricanes. Flooding. Is it the end of the world?

As I sit in a small room on a cruise ship in the Bahamas, I take time to reflect on the state of the planet at this time. Not only am I thinking of everything that is happening at once around the US and the world, I am thinking about getting “home” to prepare for the hurricane. My thoughts go out to those affected by the massive fires as well as those who were displaced form the flooding in Houston.

Did I sign up for this? Is this the end? What are “they” trying to distract us from? These are the questions that are coming to mind. When I begin to have these thoughts, I have to stop myself and center, and just take a deep breath, knowing that everything will be ok no matter what. I know that my job is to keep a grounded, centered energy field, and to “hold space” for the collective. Perhaps that is why I am in living in Florida, where the shit is about to hit the fan. I also know that it wouldn't be all happening at once if it wasn't an important time energetically on the planet. I also know that I have the power to lessen the effects of what is obviously being steered and fed by advanced technology.

The collective did some amazing work with Harvey. While it did have some severe wind damage at Rockport and then the horrible floods in Houston, it could have been a lot worse. Perhaps on another timeline it was. What really sucks is that there are patents for technologies the DISSIPATE hurricanes. Why isn't the government using it?

With Irma breathing down our neck at the moment, we leave positive energy behind to offset any negative energies and to help those who may be about to be affected here in the Bahamas as well as other small islands. As we pass by the southern tip of Florida this evening (on the way back to port, 1 day early), our intentions and focus will be on those who will supposedly take the first Florida landfall hit in just a few days. While we were in Cococay, we sent intentions to the storm to dissipate it and steer it back out to sea for it's final death. We used the Bermuda Triangle energy and the energy that we left there the last time we visited the Bahamas.

Gregg isn't too worried about the storm. If I have any advice I'd say to be like Gregg. If the power/internet goes out, of course our websites will be affected. We do have automatic posting capabilities but they do not automatically post to Facebook. It will just have to wait. I'll pull out my candles and good old fashioned books. Maybe I'll get some more sleep.

If you live in Florida, please stay off of the roads after tomorrow. There is nowhere to go (the span of the hurricane's rain patterns will probably cover the whole state). People will be buying up all all of the gas so that they can sit on the northern route Freeways for hours if not days. It's much safer inside where you have food and water. I evacuated during Katrina out of Houston and it was a nightmare. Ladies, where are you going to pee???? I am staying at home, when I finally get there. If you want to fly out, you better do it by tomorrow. Over 7k flights were booked today out of Tampa according to Expedia.

I appreciate everyone's efforts to weaken the storm. Many are saying “don't give the storm love and light because it feeds it”. I don't have a clue about that, I am just intending it weaken and veer back into the Atlantic ocean. If anything at all good comes from this storm, it will show us how we can work together as a team to change the collective illusion.

Many times I caught myself planning for the hurricane scenarios in my head, gauging the worst case scenario, etc. I had to stop and erase those thoughts. I encourage you to be smart and to prepare and plan, but do not let the scenarios take over your mind, as you are co creating your own reality! Focus on dissipation and safety, with your home staying dry and protected. Better yet, do like Gregg and just go to the pool. You really can't say that one way is better than another.

I have been sleeping more than usual, where Gregg is sleeping much less. Our sleeping patterns have not been the same at all. It's almost like he holds space for me while I am asleep and I am awake doing the same when he does get a short nap in. I slept at least 10 hours last night. even though I woke up for a few hours at 2 am. There is no doubt I am working on the energetic effects or causes of the seeming chaos that is rampaging the planet at this time. He did a Facebook live about the anomalous sleep patterns before we left for this cruise. Why didn't we just stay home? We knew we would be back in time to hunker down and we also knew that it was quite bizarre that we would have the opportunity to do energy work and intentions right where the storm would be traveling. So we went for it. We happened to get this cruise for free and planned it many months ago.

Where do we go from here as a collective? We've been told it will get much worse before it gets better. I do not like that thought although it does seem to be happening. I am focusing on the highest and best outcome for all, and I just keep reminding myself that the worse it gets, the closer we are to exiting the matrix. The reality will shift whether in or out of the body. How bad it gets or how awful it will be until that happens is all up to me. I can deal with it in a loving space or I can worsen everything with fear. I choose love and have to remind myself this quite often as I am not perfect. I may experience it differently than others. Is a hurricane a horrible thing or an opportunity for mastery? I can say that the more engineered bad things they try to do to us, the more we are going to get pissed off. Enough is enough.

If you don't hear from us online, don't be concerned. We'll be ok no matter what!! Sending my love and gratitude to all who are helping from afar.


Pamela Aaralyn (doing all she can in the energetic realms to dissipate and turn the storm, she has some practical advice)

Why is half of Florida “waiting until Friday” to leave? Traffic is already difficult to navigate, do you all believe it is going to get better? I have NOT given a hurricane warning of this nature in my entire following of earth's catastrophes! Why are you still there and waiting?

Traffic will only get better if you begin leaving soon! If half of Florida waits until Friday, there will be another pile up and not enough gas to leave! I am serious, and I am adamant. GET>>>OUT!!!

Local officials tend to dangerously wait on who should evacuate and when. Southern and central Florida….get out now please. I'm going to keep saying this until you listen. You will NEVER see me so adamant with you!

Here are some facts: Central and Southern FL are still in danger. I'm not attempting to scare you, but to push you into action, for your own safety. If everyone tries to leave all at the same time between Friday and Monday, the roads will be flooded and gas will be in great shortage. But if they start leaving now, there is a stronger chance of getting everyone to safety. I have not once issued any psychic predictions or warnings that involve asking people to evacuate. I am operating on STRONG guidance from all of my spiritual guides and team. They often stay out of human affairs, but this time, they are driving me into full support of helping people evacuate. Fears are different than facts. Let me give you some facts: Irma just destroyed two islands. They are no more. Nothing but ripped up soil and rubble.

I am moved by action based compassion for Florida, not by fear. I apologize that my strong requests and guidance may have caused fear. But if it saves your life, I will take that chance.

Pamela Aaralyn will be channeling White Feather and the Hopi Collective. Friday September 8. Attendees will be guided through a very specific collective transmutation meditation that teaches how to transmute negative energies that cause natural disasters on our Mother Earth. Pamela scheduled this channeling almost a year ago, yet the Hopi teachings come just in time to teach us how to help out in the calming of Hurricane Irma. Why do natural disasters happen, how many more do we have to come, and what can we do as a collective to help change our frequency and save Gaia? Come join us and change the world, starting from the Heart Center within you. Facebook event link here

Elizabeth Desrochers

Prayers are very powerful.
Everyone brings their wisdom from their perception and  I ask you all now to consider… sending this hurricane Up to our Creator God for healing and transformation. Creator will utilize it where rain is needed (upon the devastating fires).

Always send that which you want to move or change Back to our Creator God.  Let Him judge & do what is appropriate with it.  It keeps us out of judgment and changes it to the Best modality for mother Earth.

Proper wording in prayers is very important. 

When people “slow it down they think it's good…”
It was only moving at 15 mph. But word they needed was “dissipate “.  
Dissipate hurricanes.  Do not send them out to sea. Texas hurricanes went to sea several times and and came back to do more damage! Like a yo-yo.

It is best to never tell weather where to go or what to do. Pray for it to dissipate… send it only to Heaven for healing and transformation… let God fix it.

You may be thinking who is this woman telling me this?  I've had many lifetimes as the alchemist, healer, I hear Creator and have 21 years in this life teaching.  

All of you are my loving QHHT family brought together by our loving teacher Dolores Cannon and our loving colleague-Candace.

With Love & Blessings ( and from our entire Community)

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