Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma GoFundMe by Pamela Aaralyn


From Pamela Aaralyn

Welcome to my Heart space. I am Pamela Aaralyn, a spiritual teacher and alchemist, but who I am is not important. What I am is the embodiment of Compassion and Grace in Action.

These hurricane, fires and other natural disasters humanity is experiencing are not unlucky and unfortunate events, but a purposeful cleansing and reset of the human conscious collective. In light of this, our focus is on transmuting the greed, fear, anger, shame and resentment that caused these disasters. Let’s emerge from this era as a society profoundly changed. A society of intentional community, unity, individual and collective SUPPORT.

During the great eclipse of 2017, my heart felt compelled not to SAVE, but to UNITE the World.

My story is told in detail here:

Since, then my heart has been in a state of CALL TO ACTION, if you will. Many people have stated to me, “Why not just let the hurricanes and natural disasters BE? They are creating a cleansing of humanity”. In my heart, letting people DIE and SUFFER is not what Compassion entails. The goal of disaster relief and support is to unite humanity by teaching the ACTS of compassion (not just sending love and light from a far) but by actively working together as a human conscious collective to heal.

Natural disasters represent the human collective conscious state of greed, shame, resentment and anger. We can transmute all of this into Compassion. How do we do this? By ACTION. Here is what our team needs from you:

1) Immediate support to victims of disaster both before, during and after these horrific events. We need donations that will be sent either directly to those in needs, or we will use the funds for evacuation efforts: paying for transporation, sending someone out to fill up gas tanks or offer food/clothing, provide hotel accomodations/train fares, etc.

2) Immediate support if you can donate a temporary place to stay in your home or any residence that is safe; and

3) Financial support to help victims rebuild their lives financially and emotionally after disasters.

4) Weekly updates and meditations, emotional and spiritual support.

I will be providing updates weekly on how much we have collected and specifically where the monies have gone. Thank you for joining us in COMPASSIONATE ACTION, not just sending love and light from your couches and safe homes.

If you cannot donate, email us to share with us how you can help: providing temporary lodging, fuel cards, homes for pets, etc. This is an on-going effort. We can in no way estimate how much we need and when, as we are helping people individually. We are helping anyone who reaches out in need who may be in the affected disaster areas. Funds will be sent via paypal, western union and facebook money transfer, as these seem to be the most efficient and quickest ways to send and receive funds.

Let’s help humanity today!

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