Hybrid Children 'Dream' is in fact 'A Remembering'

Hybrid Children ‘Dream’ is in fact ‘A Remembering’


In just a few hours, today October, 30, 2017 at 1pm Central Time, the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum will host a live Discussion for Members of our Community. In our Community Forum Discussions we are learning many of us have ET and Hybrid experiences!

The following comment by Practitioner Georgeanna DeCarlo was shared with permission.

Thank you for your article, Hara and for doing this show, Candace– this is so awesome, and this kind of meeting and discussion is exactly what we need. 

I’ve learned that we are consciously integrating awareness of our multi-dimensional selves, which includes our ET and Hybrid selves.

I would like to share the following dream:

I was working in a hotel as a maid and server. I was cleaning the kitchen and felt that I should go in the other room. There was a beautiful young woman sitting on a big pillow dressed in a toga with several people all around her dressed similarly. The feeling was very serene in this white room and all the people were very regal looking but they were also lovely and beautiful.

The beautiful young woman motioned for me to sit and I said that I couldn’t because I “just” worked here. She smiled and so did everybody else. Not in a mean way, just amused.

A person beside her said quietly, “She’s one of the mothers, but she doesn’t know?” I was still staring at the woman in the center, and I thought to myself, she knows something that I don’t. Maybe I should believe her.

So I sat down and the most beautiful thing happened. A young man with golden curls sat beside me and leaned over, put his head on my chest. I was overcome with such love and tears and I ran my fingers through his hair like I do my own children and I realized I’d known this man for many years, indeed, since he was a baby. I remembered that I’d held him and loved him and so many others just like him. I just cried and cried and woke up crying with the love of this entire experience and remembering.

The very next day a friend posted some pictures of a big gathering and I saw that same beautiful woman!

It turned out that she is the daughter of a friend of mine, from a group of friends that I met online within the last couple of years and this friend and her daughter live far away from me. I told her about my dream and she wasn’t at all surprised.

This is a time of healing and of a great remembering.

Georgeanna DeCarlo is a Quantum Healer who practices in Coudersport, Pennsylvania.

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