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I Didn’t Know What I Knew

Beyond Quantum Healing

By Malka Ahern

In Israel, the Jewish Sabbath is a main event. Starting Friday at sunset and running through Saturday night, it’s a time when family and friends get together and often invite people they don’t know for the traditional Sabbath meals. The country is on the move, kind of like before Thanksgiving in the USA, but it occurs every week. Those who can take off from work Friday will start traveling Thursday night to avoid the main rush. Friday trains, busses and highways are filled with soldiers returning home, children and grandchildren enroute to visit parents and grandparents, and many just on a quick getaway. And then the rush is on once again Saturday night so that everyone is up and ready for work and school on Sunday morning.

So, it was one weekend when a friend of mine’s son, and his family, were due to arrive at his house on Friday afternoon. They had actually taken a couple of days off for a small family vacation and on Friday morning went to a park with obstacle courses and physical challenges. It was quite a workout for the whole family, especially the father whom we’ll call Dov. 

They arrived on schedule Friday afternoon, a little on the tired side, and Dov’s shoulder was a bit sore. He hadn’t injured it, so he figured that it was just from the morning’s workout. The strange thing was that the pain level kept rising and by Friday night he was trying not to move it much and putting on compresses. Often things like this just need a good night’s sleep so I was curious to see how it would be in the morning.

Around mid-day on Saturday, I arrived to help prepare the traditional Sabbath afternoon meal, and Dov was not a happy camper. He had made a sling to immobilize his arm and shoulder and was taking something for the pain. Even with this the pain continued getting worse.

Late in the afternoon we were all sitting around outside and I started getting this feeling. It would just happen like that sometimes; I’d get a strong urge to heal with my hands. Usually I just brushed it off “knowing” that the person wouldn’t be interested. 

This time was a little different. I started talking to Dov and asking him about his pain. Before I knew what was happening, I was inviting him inside to see if we could do something about it. To my amazement, he agreed.

Sitting him down on a chair, I held one hand above Dov’s shoulder and after a couple of minutes asked what he felt. He said it was warm and the pain was going down. At that point I think that I was more amazed than him. Having heard different approaches from other energy healers I decided to just relax into it and set the intention to be a conduit for the healing energy to flow through me. I could feel it getting stronger and stronger and after another five minutes or so Dov was able to report that the pain was almost gone.

This is where things took a turn. Suddenly the pain started coming back and before long it surpassed the point where it had begun. Dov was trying not to yell out in his pain. Now I was really feeling the pressure and wasn’t sure what to do but suddenly found myself talking. 

“Pain is a signal from the body that something needs to be taken care of. Every pain is attached to an emotion. What emotion pops into your mind when I ask, “what emotion is this pain connected with?” He answered and then I asked my next question. “This emotion can have many different sources, don’t tell me, but is this particular pain associated with a person or event?” “A person,” he replied.

At that point I didn’t want to know who as I knew that his son had some issues with his parents and his father was sitting not far away on a couch listening and helping to translate once in a while as we worked back and forth between Dov’s broken English and my broken Hebrew.

Next, without warning, I found myself launching into a monologue about everything being divine providence, Dov is very religious, and every person and situation being put there for us to learn from and grow through. That being said what if this person had taken on, in the divine scheme of things, to help you get past this emotion? Even though it was a difficult thing for that person to do, and you’d end up feeling this way towards that person, they agreed to help you out anyway, not consciously but subconsciously, in the divine scheme of things. How would you feel? “Gratitude,” he said.  And how much love do you think that it takes from that person to do such a thing for you? “A lot,” was the reply.  And how much gratitude do you now feel towards that person, I asked? “A lot,” he softly said.

All of this time, well over an hour, my hand was still over Dov’s shoulder. Sometimes I felt it move a little this way or that with the energy. At a certain point it seemed to get locked in one spot. Now, with the gratitude, it started moving around again, much more freely. So I asked Dov how the pain was doing. Not having been focused on it he seemed to suddenly remember it and checked in, “it’s almost gone.” So we closed the session, and an explosion of chatter erupted as we went back outside to join the family, under the starry night sky.

With the Sabbath over, I went in to start helping to clean up, and after a bit my friend came in to join me.  Everyone was amazed at how much Dov’s pain went down. After a while he came into the kitchen, minus the sling. Surprised, his mother exclaimed “really, to that extent you don’t need the sling anymore?” Dov replied “no, really, and I can move it too,” and then proceeded to demonstrate. He still had some pain, and not the full range of motion yet, but was quite happy and amazed at the outcome.

This simple but profound event was a turning point in several lives. It was also the beginning of a new healing process, which I now called Quantum Pain Relief. One never truly knows what’s inside just waiting for a chance to be expressed.

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