I Wake Up And Realize I Can Create Heaven Part Two

I Wake Up and Realize I Can Create Heaven, Part Two

Beyond Quantum Healing

Following My Heart Straight to BQH 
A four-part series by Mary Elizabeth Donald

I Wake Up and Realize I Can Create Heaven, Part Two

In Part One of this series, I talked about how up until four years ago, I was living in unhappiness and pain, hating myself and unable to make anything happen in my life. I drank heavily every day and my relationships were difficult. For years, I just existed, unable to understand why I was such a complete failure. I had no idea how I could ever pull myself out of the misery I was in.

Then suddenly in 2014, I kept getting this echo of a question in my head. ”Who are you?” Over and over. I didn’t have an answer. I had never even thought about that question before. I thought I was just the result of millions of years of evolution, an accident of chance, and when I died my consciousness would blink out just like that. Ha! Clearly, I had no idea of what was really going on. I was completely disconnected.

Throughout that whole year, circumstances continued to align and gather in preparation for my massive, heart-stopping awakening that would happen in December 2014. It was unbelievable. In a few short moments, I came bursting out of the dark waters and into the sunlight. Gasping, I took a deep breath of fresh air for the first time ever in my life. Looking around like, “What the heck?? All this sunshine and beauty has been here the whole time? Why have I been stuck down there in the dark my whole life? It’s awful down there!”

Blue skies, gentle breezes, palm trees, and singing birds, where before there were just shadowy monsters circling in stagnant, cold, inky blackness. Words cannot describe how dramatically profound that day was. My entire life changed, just like that. Boom! I was awake, and loving it. My heart began to sing. 

On that very first day of my awakening, I began a journey of healing and evolution that has never stopped, and never will stop. Not having children, a partner, or any other responsibilities other than my job and my dog, I immediately began pouring all my time and energy into my healing. I am now sure that my life was set up like this, by my higher self, to allow me the time and space to do this work. It all feels very “meant to be”.

I wrote for hours and hours every day, sometimes in several different sessions, long periods of self-reflection and devastating revelations as I recognized the stories I had been telling myself, and realized for the very first time that was all they were…stories. I wasn’t actually worthless! I had nothing to be ashamed of! I wasn’t dirty! I wasn’t a loser! I was actually…quite amazing. Who would have thought? (Not the old Mary, that’s for sure!)

I had never really looked at myself clearly before. I had never been honest with how I truly felt about myself. The pain poured out of me and dissolved. Vision boards. Affirmations. Tons of meditation. Tons of reading and learning.

What I learned is that everything I experience in this world is a reflection of how I feel about myself. I can change my “external” world by changing my mind. There is no “out there”, it’s all inside of me. When something bothers me, it’s me that is causing myself that pain. Nothing else. We are all ONE. The judgement and anger I levied at others was coming back equally to me.

I learned that unlimited joy, love, and abundance were already inside of me, more than I could ever have imagined, and all I had to do was remove the blockages that was keeping the abundance from flowing. How amazing is that? How liberating to realize I could have any type of life I want! I have set out to create the most brilliant and joyful life anyone could ever dream of, and it really is!

To Be Continued in Part Three -Everything in My Life Changes Like Magic!

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