Article by Rosanne Grace Ramirez

This particular session was done on New Year’s Day of 2016 with a friend of mine. During Christmas we were talking about QHHT® and he expressed that he would love to have a session. 

The greatest impacts were his father’s passing when he was 5 years old, (my friend Fred is now 50) and his nephew who had recently passed away a few years ago, and that was also one of the reasons for the session. He really didn’t have many other questions. I said: “I feel like you will do really well.” And then he said he felt the same. Our intuition was correct!

For the purpose of this article we will refer to my friend as Fred, and when he came off the cloud floating over a vibrant blue and purple ocean. He said: “It’s blackness all around.” Further questioning revealed it was night and he could see the moon reflecting on the water. He felt like he was flying over the water into deeper sea. He didn’t feel like he had a body. No reflection of a body in the water either. 

Regarding his body…
R: Is it energy?
F: It’s energy for sure!  It’s light. Like a light body.
While he floated he said he was observing, but didn’t see other life forms yet.

F: I feel peaceful. I’m supposed to be here. He sees a sandy shore with 5 rabbit seating. They sense him.
F: Their ears are up, and they are aware of me. We are observing each other.
I moved him to another important day, where he leapt forward into this incarnation as ‘himself’ in this lifetime; experiencing 2 other meaningful important days.

He was alone on a beach. He was saying goodbye as a relative had passed on. He thinks it’s his mother and said he felt more at peace than he thought he would. 

His nephew showed up, and he was on a horse. He’s happy!
R: What’s he doing?
F: Pointing at the light. I’m looking at the golden light.
R: Why does he want you to look at the light?
F: That’s all there is! He’s always pointing at the light!

When I called in Source consciousness, it came through calm, soft, yet very clear.
R: Why did you show him that first life? What was the relevance? (Since it was so brief)
Fred: He was a prince.
R: A prince?
Fred: Yes. He was protecting his kingdom.
R: Without a body?
Fred: He is a prince of light. Not on the Earth plane.
R: Another realm?
Fred: Yes. There are other life forms there. He didn’t see them because they were sleeping.
R: Oh. Are these life forms physical, humanoid or in light bodies like him?
Fred: They are human.
R: So it’s like Earth?
Fred: Yes, a new version of Earth.
R: I know there is no “time,” but will he be experiencing this in the past or future in another life?

Fred: He is experiencing this right now!
Source consciousness said: “Fred connects with us best while sleeping, and his purpose for being here now is to teach love. Through truth, and giving, and he will make an impact. Through love!

Fred: We want him to produce more art.
R: What is the purpose of his art?
Fred: That’s how we connect with him.
R: Like channelling and spreading love?
Fred: Yes.

I asked who is in Fred’s soul group, and Source Consciousness confirmed that there are others, and added that I’m also part of his soul group. “You know why you were brought together”, Source Consciousness said.

I asked if his nephew was also part of his soul group.
Fred: He is the leader. He brought him the light!
R: Why did his nephew choose to transition so young?
Fred: He’s not young! (Oops, clearly an old soul. I reframed the question.)
R: What was the lesson of his passing?
Fred: To teach his uncle and the family to let go.
R: Why is that important?
Fred: It is everything! (wow, yes it is.) His father’s soul was also his nephew’s soul. (Another wow!)

I asked about the New Earth and if that will be fully realized in this incarnation. The Subconscious said it depends on who listens!

R: How can we support that fully in the highest and greatest good?
Fred: You are doing your job. Stick together.
R: Sometimes we feel like we should be doing more?
Fred: You chose that by being human. We are feeding you exactly what you need. Don’t underestimate your power!

Additional guidance and confirmations were given, and they told us that we were guiding them!

A couple nights before this session Fred and I were at my house. Out the window, I saw a bright flash of light heading towards the ocean and Fred said that he had seen it too. No one else present that night saw it. So of course I asked Source consciousness about it.

Fred: You saw it and he saw it too. It was us.
R: Why did you want us to see it?
Fred: To let you know we are here.
R: Who are you?
Fred: We are you and you are we! We are all connected. We are infinite!

When I asked for a final message Source Consciousness said tell him to Ignite!
This was definitely my most convoluted universe session to that point. His little dog joined us in the session, and it seemed that both went under and both came back up when I counted them out. Source consciousness said they brought him his little dog because he needed an assistant. I love it! Yes, our pets are love assistants.

I am still so beyond grateful to be able to experience all of this! I am honored and blessed. Fred is still in disbelief but loved it!


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