Instruction Manual on How to Be Human

Instruction Manual on How to Be Human

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What is a surrogate quantum healing session?  Basically, it is a way to assist a client with Quantum Healing who feels that they would rather have another person “stand in their place” for a session. The idea is to allow another practitioner to contact their Higher Self on their behalf. There are a number of reasons why people may feel they are unable or are unwilling to attempt entering a trance state. Quantum Healers Donna McMurtry and Diana Adair offer this service for those who feel that a surrogate session would be ideal for them.

 “Tim” was one of these clients.  He was very much in need of clarification and healing. He scheduled a session with Donna and Diana, and was kind enough to share information on his session and wow! We are so glad he did.

Instruction Manual on How to Be Human

Tim’s session with Donna and Diana, 07/18/19

D = Diana
A = Archangel Michael


A: It’s extremely important, in fact, it is perhaps the most important subject of love in the human system, for you to feel love for yourself, for all that you are, for all that you know of that you are. It’s not necessary for you to know all that you have been, or to feel love for self. It’s always important to the opening of the flow of giving and receiving love to begin with self-love. The actual feeling and emotions for oneself such as acceptance, praise, worthiness, enjoyment, and many more things that could be under the umbrella of love.

Feel these things for yourself and in connection with oneself: I appreciate all that I am. I appreciate these specific things about myself. I appreciate all that I’ve done. I appreciate these specific things that I am doing or of that I will do. All of the aspects that you are, and all of the experiences that you are. Everything that makes up this person of Tim in this human reality; begin to foster and feel love for that, and extend love to yourself for that. So, this would be feeling the emotions, thus meaning any and all emotions that could be a part of love for oneself. This automatically then begins to attract the feelings and actions that humans consider as love – both coming and going. Self-love is a magnet for all the other kinds of love in this system


A: Yes, as you know, fostering self-love acts as an energetic magnetic that pulls in and send the love out.

P: Hmm. So, it does it both ways?

A:  Oh yes. Yes, you could say, it’s the processing plant that pulls in materials and pushes out  materials.

P:  Hmm. Self-love is the processing plant of love?

A:  Self-love is the core.

P:  This is such a huge core issue for most of us as humans: The misunderstanding or feeling that there is a lack of love.

A:  Yes, and as you know, many teachings are coming in at a rapid pace right now around beliefs systems and programming of human beings, and this is very intentional. Everyone who’s assisting earth has been pumping into the grid and into the hearts and minds of those humans that are asking for this. More layers of information about how the programming, and conditionings, and belief systems of humans have led them awry and created many problems.

So, it has become very important for those believes and programmes to be recognized and cleared as quickly as possible. The two core issues, as you know, is that the human system is always dual, and the two core issues for humanity is survival and love.

P:  And are those connected to each other at all? The two…?

A:  Oh yes. Everything, as you know, becomes one eventually.

P:   And so, would you say that as love is one of the core issues that we’re learning, is self-love at the root of that, or what’s the most important thing for us to know about that?

A:  Self-love solves all the other problems.

P:  Ah.

A:   If one fully accepts and loves oneself, it is automatic to then give and receive love with everything else in this Universe, and on this planet, for humans, and all the other species on the planet. It is, you could say, impossible to not give and receive love if one has self-love.

P:  Which goes back to what you said, self-love is the magnet and the factory for love.

A:  Yes. Very-very important, which is why it has been somewhat shrouded, eclipsed, or even made evil by certain systems, because it’s at the core of love, and love is at the core of many of the problems here.

P:  So, it sounds like we should all be focusing on that as a way to free ourselves and come back into unity.

A:   Yes! Trust – For survival the core issue is trust or faith.

P:   And with survival, the way out of that is to trust. Can you speak a little bit more on that?

A:   Yes. This planetary and even Universal system that is set up, which is a holographic Universe, that is created by all of you who participate in it. It’s set up to automatically support everyone. Now, because so many things have gone awry, survival has become an issue for those who have created it as an issue. In other words, when one exists in love and has full faith in the Universe, in the planet, in the higher self, in God, or even in Source: in all of these labels you have put onto the system that supports everything. When one lives in love and fully trust, and have faith in that system, there are no survival issues. But there are, as Ra so adequately explains as distortions. And these distortions create problems, which then become problems of survival.

P:  Will the distortions be the same thing as our programming, or what we call our conditioning or beliefs?

A:  Yes, that is a large part of it. And then the programming, conditions or beliefs cause you all to mistreat each other and, ah, yes it goes from there.

P:   And so, what’s the easiest way for us to get out of those programming, conditions, and beliefs?

A:  Trust and have self-love.

P:  In the system.

A:   Yes.

P:   That is set up to support us.

A:   Yes.

P:   OK.

A:    These are teachers, and you could say it’s going back to square one. You could say it’s a reboot. You could say it’s – when attention is truly taken away from everything else except for trust, faith, and self-love. We say trust/faith because they somewhat one and the same with different understandings – when attention is truly taken away from everything else and put on these two things, then everything else falls away, and they no longer matter. The conditioning, the programming, the belief systems will no longer matter. They will fall away and dissipate and disappear.

P:   That’s pretty powerful. Thank you so much for that.

A:   You are welcome.

P:   That’s like a manual to live by right there.

A:  It is, you could say, a two-point, even two sentence manual.

P:  (giggle) I like that. We remember things when they are simple.

A:  It would be the shortest manual in the world…

P:   And the most important.

A:   …but perhaps the most powerful.

P:   Yes, the most powerful. I appreciate you expanding on that. Thank you.

A:   You are welcome.

Thank you to BQH practitioner Dana Noel Dryg for transcribing the session.

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