Intention, Frequency of Joy and the Light Grid


The following portion of a Quantum Healing session was facilitated by Violeta Stoica and the subject was Elena Blaj, both of whom are Quantum Healing Practitioners who have both been long time members of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community.

The photographs of the sky were taken by Elena on the day of the Eclipse, August 21st, 2017.  Violeta comments, “If you zoom in closely, you can see the Grid! I was mesmerized by it. To me it looks like a knitted thread or a weave. The reason for this photograph is included is because it is related to her mission in this lifetime.”

(Editor’s note. The the original photograph and also a version that had its contrast increased so the “grid” could be more easily seen are included in this article along with two more eclipse/sky photos.)

(HS- The Higher Self  V.- Violeta)


HS. She needs to drop in her heart and connect with me.


She has a lot to offer, she needs to trust herself.


V. Every time she had a doubt, what you have her do?


HS. Drop in her heart and connect with me. She needs a lot of grounding.


The Event is coming, but some will feel it and some will not. If you look around, there is a lot of separation going on, also into your life. You will see people disappearing, coming, going, so the Event is like that. It’s the New Earth, but not like your 3D mind will think it is. It is based on the vibration that you hold. When you look around, if you feel happy and joy, that means that you are of a high vibration, when you are upset, when people make you upset, you need to shift so you can go back to your point of origin, that means to stay in joy, and don’t fret too much about the worldly affairs.


And gratitude. Any time you have an incident happening for you, not to you, you need to find the gratitude in that, and that will shift you.


Big changes are coming.


V. How would you like her to prepare for these changes?


HS. She needs to be positive and stay in JOY and that’s exactly what you are going to attract. It is very simple. People make it complicated. Whatever mouth you feed, that is what you are growing into. If you are going to feed negativity and lower and emotions, you are going to attract that in your life and you don’t want that. Just find the JOY, the childhood JOY and tap into it. Of course, there were dark moments, but there are also joyful moments, look back into a joyful child’s heart and this is how you will shift. Whenever you feel down and unhappy, just remind yourself of a good day as a child and that will shift you. This is all you need to do.


V. Where did they take her in her OBE (Out of Body Experience)?


HS. Mars. Is not her planet of origin. She likes the golden colors. We had to show her something for such a big trip. She is holding Earth’s grid, she is holding the frequencies of the New Earth grid. We show her that so she knows what her job is.


                                                                                    Original                                                                     Contrast Increased

V. How does she do that?


HS. At night, sleeping and when she is meditating and when she is thinking about it. She is feeling too much energy, she is a beacon. She is channeling, holding Light in, so she needs no negative mind, She needs to be always in the Light, so she can do her job. That is why it is so important for her to be in Joy, more in joy. The more Light you hold, the better to anchor the codes! When she is not in joy, she is not holding the grid properly, because then she’s weak.


V. Just tell her how to stay in Light and Joy consciously every moment of the day.


HS: It is easy: do whatever makes you happy and surround yourself with happy people, just look around. She can read their energy very easy now. She knows who’s good and who’s not. She needs to trust herself more. There is no trust in her abilities. She’s powerful and strong.



V. Give her signs!


HS. We will give her feathers and colors will have a significance, too. If a feather is white, that means that you are on a 100%, if the feather is grey or black, there is something missing or lacking.


V. The voices in her head: what is the percentage of those being right?


HS. 85%


V. How can she tell them apart?


HS. By her emotions and feeling in her body. When you are hearing, you are checking with your body. If your body is loose, that means that you are streaming a 100% correct information. If your body is tired or it has any aches, pains, if it is stressed or if it holds tension, you are blocking the transmission. She should go out. It depends on body relaxation and joy. If she wants to get a good message, she needs to ground in her heart or in nature. In this way you are more connected to us.


V. How can she make it better?


HS. Trust. She needs to trust herself more. She is doing well.


V. What is her main obstacle in trusting herself?


HS. Confidence, but now, she’s having more of that.


The energy of a place needs to be inverted and what we mean, you have to separate your home from any other living arrangements or be as secluded as you can. What you need to do is focus! Intention and Attention bring manifestation.


V. How can she best integrate the coming energies?


HS. You have got to have a clean vehicle, you have got to rest and eat well, ground, have an open heart and this is going to be easier thanks to you and this session, and we thank you. Her heart is more open so it is going to be easier to assimilate all the Light codes, all the frequencies coming to the Earth plane.


V. What does she do with the codes from the Light? Does she integrate them?


HS. She’s a beacon, she’s transmuting them, she’s like a beacon, the clearer the vehicle, the larger the transmission area.



V. What do you mean by a clean vehicle?


HS. If your body is well hydrated and rested, you can shine and project what you are here to do.


V. What traits and gifts did she bring into this lifetime and how can she serve best from here on?


HS. She has knowledge. She’s carrying the knowledge inside her. She needs to tap into the knowledge and share it with the world, like you do as well. To tap into the knowledge you have to be centered, happy, to hold a high vibration and then the knowledge will be full and complete. For example, if you have somebody coming in for a session and you are in joy, you are vibrating high, you are going to give the client a lot more than if your body is not balanced, rested or aligned with us. She needs to mind her own body, but we are talking about the energetic, the etheric, the spiritual and the physical body. Just monitor your emotions and that will lead her to the right path. If an emotion arises and it is not positive, just stay with it. She knows how to transmute it, but you have to pay attention to that emotion because it is there for a reason.


Violeta comments, “At the end of the session at the exact moment when I finished telling her Higher Self “I honor you and I bow to you for being here!” “They” turned my eyes to the clock that read 3:33 and I instantaneously had goosebumps, I said, “Oh, thank you so much! This is so beautiful!” I love these synchronicities!


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