Irma as the Physical Embodiment of Human Emotion?

Irma as the Physical Embodiment of Human Emotion?


As I sat in contemplation of the massive hurricane coming on to the shores of the state of Florida I heard my guide Dolores speak, “So, just as a person can manifest a disease, just as your client earlier this summer manifested that mass in her uterus with her stories, humanity can and has assisted in manifesting Irma. She is the embodiment of lower emotions, consisting of anger, guilt, and aggressive behavior.”


Incarnate humans are aware of these connections. My intuitive friend and colleague Heather Alice Shea, a life-long Floridian used to hurricanes and evacuations told me she had a bad feeling about this one and called the energy “icky” and that this storm seemed different somehow than all the others she’s experienced.

Pamela Aaralyn actually channeled this storm- talked to it and felt that it was hugely connected to shame, the lowest of all human emotions on the scale of human consciousness, and that the ho'oponopono prayer of forgiveness can be spoken now by all whom wish to help. Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian healing practice. It means “to make things right.” By feeling and saying the words “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, I thank you”, we take responsibility for ourselves and the world we create.

We are not separate from the earth – we are a part of earth, just as the dirt and the wind and the sea.

Michelle Walling is riding out the storm in Sarasota, the newest city of Light. She understands her role as communicator online and also “boots on the ground” there in Florida to anchor this light and to illuminate shady agendas and demand for “loosh.” She posted this on her Facebook account, “There is evidence out there to show these are man-made and then fed through the collective consciousness steering with tv programming and by harvesting energy (loosh). We exit the old matrix by seeing through the bullshit and standing in our power to change our own reality. Part of the bullshit AI programming coming through false light messages posing as Jesus, higher self, etc. is that this devastation is necessary. We are capable of changing the reality and we have proven it with dissipating this storm now to a Cat 2.”

It is currently 10pm in Florida likely the strongest assault upon Sarasota by Irma. I have just privately communicated with Michelle and she is in good spirits, and in the company of family and our friend and colleague Gregg Prescott of Currently they have experienced no electricity interruption, high water or wind damage of any kind. Michelle notes she is grateful for uninterrupted air-conditioning!

We should hear more reports from the entire state tomorrow morning after the sun rises. Irma is not quite finished yet however, and as she makes her way northward- there will be more stories to hear and more stories to tell.

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