Is it Ascension or EMF Radiation?

Is it Ascension or EMF Radiation?


Article by Lee Blanch, Quantum Healer

I’ve been reading the “Wes Penre Papers,” and recently the man himself made a return to YouTube and social media.

Wes Penre is a researcher and a writer and his main research has been focused on exposing the Global Elite; the powers to be who are pulling the strings on mankind from behind the scenes. In combination with humanity’s spiritual journey into the future.

I have noticed his skepticism for things relating to “Ascension” so I decided to respond below:

From my understanding of QHHT® and BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing), information is extracted through a Quantum Healing session. It has a basis in hypnosis and it’s a form of past-life regression. The “ascension” and the “event” are referred to by multiple individuals in countless sessions, by people that don’t know each other, at different times and locations.

These concepts are mentioned because of multiple, repeated, corroborating data points and the effectiveness of these techniques for healing. These subjects have gotten the New Age community (and many others) excited by the prospect of the so-called “ascension” and “the event.”

Of course, that’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of speculation and room for imaginative expectations and plenty of manipulation. However, as someone who identified as Agnostic/Atheist previously, I can report a very sudden change in late 2016, early 2017. I have noticed massive shifts and changes in the world around me. The Mandela Effect exploded onto the scene and yet is often denigrated as simply ‘misremembering.” There are many, including myself that are reporting strange “supernatural” experiences. Although it’s possible there are technologies that might assist in the manipulation of various factors to provide a fake spiritual experience, these shifts and changes seem to be happening on a very subtle and intimate basis.

To paraphrase what a friend recently told me: “spirit only talks in metaphors you will know.” Synchronicities have skyrocketed to daily or even hourly occurrences. I have experienced multiple instances of telepathic communication with other people from the other side of the world:, random and unexpected remote viewings, visions in the sky, a greater sense of “knowing”, an acute sensitivity to energy. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.

By the same token, I have also begun to heal from various traumas, depression, anxiety and conditioning over my life-time. Therefore I like to keep grounded in the possibility that it could all just be a load of rubbish or some kind of mass-manipulation. My gut is telling me that there’s something more to this. That it’s very real, even if it seems so unreal, and even if many have decided to take a disliking to the so-called “New Age” movement.

From my understanding, the “new age” topic is about leading yourself, following your own path and not falling for the indoctrination of our previous spiritual/religious/thought paradigms. And that gives me hope and something to hold on to while the rest of the world seems to be going topsy-turvy.

I believe the great awakening started with some major alarm bells which took a lot of us by surprise, and it’s taken some time for the parasites to come up with a solution. I’ve noticed how the waters have become muddied and confused since 2017; more so than ever. Trolling of truth seekers, censorship and mockery have been turned up full-blast in a futile effort to slow or stop the process, but the quest for truth is not going to stop.

I couldn’t possibly begin to say, or know what we live in/on a simulation, but what I can say is that through my experiences, I realise that something big is happening, something potentially amazing and wonderful. Wonderful if we choose to see it that way. We have to know what we truly want: what makes us feel good and what makes our lives worth living. It’s time for us to choose the reality we want for ourselves, but this can only be done through the individual process of change, and the collective accumulation of those changes. That’s just my perspective.

Yeah, I could listen to all of this stuff about smart dust and manipulations and psy-ops, but then I could also listen to my intuition and what my heart is telling me. There’s a reason to be hopeful. These changes are real, these processes are happening and yes, EMF radiation does play a role in this, for good or bad, maybe both, whatever the case, I have to believe positively and have hope in it, otherwise there’s no point in being alive. At this point, suicide is no longer an option, I’m choosing life and to believe in what these experiences over the past couple of years have been confirming for me. Of course, I cannot speak for others or begin to comprehend their experiences and that’s the point. It has to happen on an individual basis before it can happen world-wide, and I think realization of this point that is causing the “cabal” to turn up the heat in their “attacks”.

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