The End Of Inner Conflict Matt Kahn

Is the New Age Dead?


“You’re not on a Spiritual Journey, your body is.” – Matt Khan

“Stop being Spiritual!” – Andrew Martin

“Is the New Age dead?” – Katya Turner

So these thoughts are not exactly completely new, but they are similar trains of thought being voiced by a few in the Spiritual/Metaphysical community. I’ve noticed three of my favorite voices express some of these ideas in similar ways and in some recent video productions.

Matt Khan’s video, “The End of Inner Conflict,” is really wonderful, one of the best I have ever watched from him. If you find that you are still working on similar emotional or physical issues over a long period of time, or, if you think to yourself, “Gee, I sure thought I had released that particular challenge, but here it is again!” You will enjoy this talk. It presents this common issue from a new perspective that is really and truly helpful! Don’t miss this one: 

Being a Kansas girl I particularly like Andrew Martin’s meme here:

You've been wearing your ruby slippers the whole damn time.
You’ve been wearing your ruby slippers the whole damn time.

Andrew writes, “Dorothy needed to journey all the way to The Emerald City so she could see the truth. She had always had the power to go home. The journey is important. As humans we innately seek the light that we are. The realization of the truth that lies at the end of our quest is not the final chapter. The real journey began as Dorothy floated away from The Emerald City, leaving the Wizard and Oz behind. How did she live her life after that? What was life like for her in Kansas from that day forward? The real story is what we do after we’ve gone to see the Wizard. Once you’ve realized that the shaman or the medicine woman or the wizard is simply reflecting your inherent power back to you, you see the truth; you’ve been wearing your ruby slippers the whole damn time.” 

I also watched a video from Andrew where he was talking about embodying what we know instead of continuing to search for answers. “This thought (Stop Being Spiritual) has been with me for several weeks now,” Andrew writes,  “I find myself moving into a new space and asking some new questions. Is the idea of “spirituality” and “being spiritual” even relevant anymore? At what point do we cease seeking and just embody what we know to be true?”


Then, Yesterday I watched Katya Turner’s video where she titled this video “Is the New Age Movement Dead?” She was explaining what she felt, and what led up to that and it so aligned with some of my own thoughts and what I am experiencing I knew I wanted to have a conversation with her about this subject! So we did a show today, and broadcast our Quantum Healing with Candace show live on Facebook, and the show was archived on our Quantum Healing and Beyond YouTube channel  Here:


I really enjoyed this show and connecting with Katya and I am more excited than ever to connect with her, and Andrew, and the other wonderful speakers, healers and aligned individuals in Sarasota at my and Michelle Walling’s Quantum Healing Beyond 5D Conference Consciousness Shifting Event – in just one month’s time!

There are still tickets available to this 2 day public gathering, and you can find out more by clicking HERE

What do you think? Are we done with the New Age Movement? Or just moving into a “Newer Age Movement?” 

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