Its An Underground Railroad For Souls

It’s An Underground Railroad For Souls!

Consciousness Explorations

The Earth has energy grids that are also known as electromagnetic frequency lines. We incarnate throughout Earth as conductors of these frequencies in an effort to create balance and to maintain the holographic realities.

Most 3rd density planets are able to go through their evolutionary process in peace. Earth is a bit different, because it got trapped in a negative matrix created by higher density malevolent beings. We have been hindered from growing beyond the negativity here by being kept in the dark about our roles in the universe, technologies, and the sick things people are doing. Free will is one of the most important cosmic laws. Therefore, benevolent ETs are not able to just swoop in and save us from ourselves. In order to help save the people of Earth from these dark entities, many selfless higher density beings volunteered to incarnate here and work from the inside.

The thing about 3rd density is that when we are born, we completely forget who we are or what our original missions were. It is part of the learning process. When people refer to “waking up”, most are talking about remembering what Earth really is, and why we are here.

Starseeds in particular, made soul contracts before incarnating. This was to learn lessons and carry out our specific missions in order to help liberate the people of Earth. These contracts have played out in the form of training in the SSP Alliance for the light, as well as certain events in our lives happening in an effort to “wake” us up. Due to the nature of these grid lines, we have to be spread out. Our missions and lessons would be hard to accomplish if we were secluded. This is where the individual realities come into play. It is similar to pieces of a puzzle. Each puzzle piece is one person’s individual reality, but they all come together to create the collective, or complete puzzle because of how they overlap at the fringes.

Amidst these realities are infinite parallel existences. For every choice we make, even something as simple as blinking at that moment, has a splinter reality of possible future outcomes. Imagine if you will a musical staff, where the 5 lines represent your life paths. As you make choices from second to second, you jump amongst the rungs. Sometimes we don’t make the right choice and we get further from our optimal timeline. Other times, we make the right choice, and we jump multiple rungs to a more optimal future outcome.

In order for our realities, that we are creating with our minds, to be believable to us, we “cast” people into roles. Backdrop or backfill people fill in the blanks to help keep us from being alone in this spread out holographic matrix. They also act as a conductor for Earth’s energy grids. These are entities that don’t exactly have a soul in the timeline you are on. It doesn’t mean they don’t have a soul at all. It just means their soul isn’t present, at the time, in your reality. This is where it gets a bit complicated, so stick with me. When we jump rungs, it is our consciousness jumping from body to body and in each reality we have chosen that exact moment. Backfill people can be anyone we encounter. The only time this wouldn’t be true, is with a twin flame match. Those two souls are interconnected and jump timelines as a pair, and children follow their parents alike. Anyway, as our friends, neighbors, aunts, etc. make choices in their realities, their consciousness/soul may jump in and out of our current timelines, and vice versa. Because of the nature of the matrix here on Earth, these timelines haven’t been able to lead to a more enlightened path for most, until now.

The starseeds who have incarnated here have begun to wake up to their true purposes, allowing the plans that have been in place for lifetimes to finally play out. Of course, we have the Secret Space Program Alliance, Earth Alliance, and multiple ET races helping from the inside and out. They are also guiding the starseeds on a subconscious level. Many of them don’t even know that they are training while they are asleep. They have been seeding our DNA for lifetimes, just waiting for the right time for our upgraded DNA to be activated. This DNA is special, because it allows us to tap into our divine gifts. Yes, I’m talking about telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation, and anything else that involves manifesting by manipulating energy.

Gaia is getting ready to go through the “solar flash”, aka the ascension, just like the rest of the universe. When she does, she will need to release her karma in the form of natural disasters (tornados, volcano eruptions, earth quakes). Benevolent ETs have helped to stall this solar flash to give us more “time” to wake as many people as possible.

Our mission is to help as many souls to jump a large enough timeline to get off 3rd density Gaia before these natural disasters occur. These timeline jumps will put each of us in the most optimal position to assist in our own ascension process. It is a rescue mission, and it is happening right under the dark entities noses. There are many plans in place based on what each higher self/soul chooses. If they want to continue to live a 3D life to finish learning their selected lessons, they will be moved to a different 3D earth. If they are on the brink of ascension, they will be moved to their soul group’s bases to be integrated, which will allow them to gradually acclimate to the new energies so that they may ascend and be moved to the new earth. Those of us on the front lines, will have our DNA upgrades activated. These activations will give us the tools we need to manifest ascended Gaia, because she, technically, doesn’t exist yet. 

Finally, I have come to the purpose of this post; the underground railroad for souls. Through various techniques, some very brave and revolutionary souls have developed a form of hypnosis called Beyond Quantum Healing that utilizes water alchemy. Another set of brave starseeds opened a portal of cosmic energy directly linked to all things. During this hypnosis technique, higher density beings are able to utilize this portal of white light energy to help the person jump to their optimal timelines for the coming earth changes. This is also how DNA upgrades are being done; through utilization of this while light energy portal when used in combination with the BQH technique.

As more and more people jump timelines to be in alignment with their soul’s desired outcome, more and more backfill people will be left here on Earth among our realities to hold the energy grid for Gaia. This will hold true until the “solar flash” comes. Then, we will have limited amounts of time to smuggle as many souls out as possible. That is why we need to move as many souls as we can in the coming days leading up to the solar flash. This is also why we need as many front line starseeds to have their DNA upgrades activated, and get new Gaia manifested.

There is no need to fear AT ALL. Everything is in place for those who are ready and willing to get moved off Earth. Again, cosmic law of free will says they cannot move people off Earth without their consent. That is why this BQH technique was gifted to us. This is our free will choice. If you want your upgrades, seek out a BQH practitioner. Once you have your upgrades, converge your energies with other frontline starseeds. As soon as it is time, I will help everyone with the information on how to manifest the new earth. Seek out a BQH practitioner so that they can jump you to your optimal timeline in order to ascend to new earth currently being created.

I have received my activations for my upgraded DNA. They completely regenerated my spine and pelvis which was full of arthritis, among other things. I am offering FREE sessions through my office out of the Springfield Missouri area. Hopefully, after other practitioners catch on to the changes that are taking place with their clients, they will offer the sessions for free or at least at a discounted price. Again, free will is at place here. It is entirely up to you what you want to believe or participate in. If this doesn’t ring true for you, then you have the choice not to believe me. Those that resonate with my words, happy upgrades!

While the mind is a very powerful tool, it is indeed more effective if we understand how to better focus this energy. I am not the only one with access to this information as others have stated they received similar messages. I am only offering my services as a gift for those who are seeking. Each person’s needs are different depending on where they are in their journey. We all play a huge role in this, and have many different tools to offer each other. I will be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers. I am learning new things every day. I agree that we all have the power within to do the work. Some people need a jump start, or a little guidance, if you will. This isn’t the only way, but a tool to be utilized for those who need it.

THE TIME IS NOW! LIGHT WARRIORS UNITE! It’s going to be one heck of a ride!

Article by Amy Ewan

Quantum Healing

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