Jesus Hangs Out for 2 hours of Non-Stop Healing

Jesus Hangs Out for 2 hours of Non-Stop Healing


Laura Bogen is a Quantum Healing Practitioner who lives in Atlanta Georgia. She’s been a part of our Support Forum Community and practicing Dolores Cannon’s method of regression therapy for two years.

The following is a recounting of a session where Jesus makes an appearance and also a huge impression on both Laura and her client. The persona of Jesus and the more encompassing energy of the Christ Consciousness is quite often present in these sessions even when neither the client nor the practitioner is expecting or anticipating that kind of experience.

It is a lovely story; heartwarming and miraculous

Jesus hangs out for 2 hours of non-stop Healing

By Laura Bogen

I had one heck of a session yesterday. I’m still feeling it today. And it’s so funny because it was one of those times when you think it’s going to be one thing and turns out to be the opposite (talk about a lesson in humility).

The night before the session, I thought the client backed out last minute. She hadn’t sent her questions in or called by the time agreed on after one rescheduling and weeks to prepare.  Her intense paranoia from a stalker situation left me without a way to reach her. I had no name, address, phone number, and all her emails were sent from a protective site that required a different password each time for me to read the email!

 So I figured she maybe got cold feet and I was kind of bummed, feeling annoyed (it was to be a pro bono session, so I expected a bit more courtesy, even just a email saying ‘no go’), so I went to bed thinking if she reaches out to do the session past a certain time in the morning, I would just reschedule. Well, I woke up to an email of her questions and with her address, and I don’t know about you, but when I start looking at questions that require a lot of emotional and physical healing, I get excited, and so I got my pep back and headed over there for the session.

And so began one of the, if not THE, most interesting and successful sessions I’ve had! She went deeply and quickly into trance after 4.5 hours of talking to her beforehand. She was relaxed and experiencing a “beautiful place” but then…no past life came forth.

 Why would she need to see a past life when Jesus was waiting for her instead, right? LOL. Now, mind you, I was raised Jewish (I am non-practicing now) and didn’t really have a connection with Christ until recently and only in the sense of the Christ Consciousness.

Well, Jesus and my client spent the next two hours holding hands while he healed everything. Everything means: her back (she’d be able to jog again and walk without pain), her hip (same outcome), her neck/throat (she can swallow easier and turn her head normally now), her sight, her hearing, got rid of food and chemical allergies(as in, she can use soap now), her tumors in ovaries, her brain was repaired, and everything emotional was cured, her lifting fears, anxieties, and there was rewiring of the brain to think clearly, a lifting of a fog from her brain, and reconnecting her to Spirit. There had been a block that occurred after the second two of 4 prior brain injuries – so she had to stop being an intuitive coach because of lack of her usual connection to Spirit, among other things.

There was no hesitation from Jesus like I’ve seen at times with the Higher Self, though her Higher Self was quite present, as she was going back and forth between speaking in first and third person, dipping back and forth through levels of consciousness…even nodding off throughout for a moment here and there. We asked for the healing and instantly got an affirmative answer each and every time from Jesus, no hesitation. When he was healing her twisted throat and neck, she began turning it from side to side with more mobility than she’s had since the injury. She was laughing and exclaiming while she was in trance; “I can move my neck more than before, look, oh WOW!” There were lots of tears shed, lots of love, perspective, and understanding gained. An incredible session!

As for me, I’ve always appreciated the idea of Jesus in more of an intellectual way, but now it’s at completely different level. I could feel the loving energy, his only desire was for our healing and happiness. He was able to give me answers as well, and never before had I felt his presence like I did yesterday.

So I made two new friends yesterday – my client and Jesus. Who’d have thought

I actually went into this session thinking it may not be so successful (based on her trust/paranoia issues), having planned on rescheduling in the first place, and could hear the universe laughing at me afterwards on my drive home as though to say, “Haha, you thought this would be one way, but we really threw you for a happy loop didn’t we?”

Thanks for sharing your session story with us Laura, let us know if Jesus makes another surprise appearance, would you?

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