Jovy Wan's Rock and Lava  Quantum Healing Session Story

Jovy Wan’s Rock and Lava Quantum Healing Session Story


When I was traveling in Iceland earlier this month, I was constantly reminded of an interesting QHHT® session I did a couple of years ago as I marveled at the volcanic island’s amazing landscape.

Right off the cloud my client “M” said she saw nothing, “it’s all black. Nothing.” We continued to explore for a while but she still couldn’t see anything as it was pitch black, completely dark where she was. I let her move around but she couldn’t, as she was feeling totally stuck. A bit annoyed, she told me she didn’t like it there then all of a sudden, she giggled and said, “Oh, I’m a rock!”

“M” went on telling me that she was stuck with many other rocks inside a mountain. There was no crack on the surface for sunlight to come through. The other rocks wouldn’t talk so she felt quite bored. When I asked what was happening now, she exclaimed: “Wow! Now there’s an explosion, a big explosion. Wow, I came out!”

It turned out that “M” was a rock inside a volcano for a very long time. The volcano finally erupted and she turned into lava flowing down from the crater. She could clearly see herself as part of this red-hot orange-colored lava, slowly streaming down the slope, enjoying her newfound freedom to move, see and breathe.

I still remember that big smile on her face when she came out of the crater. People used to associate lava with anger. I suppose joy and freedom could be more appropriate?

Much love,

Jovy Wan.

Jovy practices in Hong Kong, here is her website:

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