Languages in Quantum Healing Sessions

Languages in Quantum Healing Sessions

Common Questions and Concerns

Hi Candace, 

I have a question for you which I am hoping to get an answer. Is it possible to have a  Quantum Healing session with say, a Polish person,  but who speaks English? I´m just wondering if the language might switch from English to Polish during the session.

Kind regards, Maria

Dear Maria

I am surprised how often this question is asked! The short and easy answer is yes, it is possible to have a session with someone in a language that is not their native tongue.

While it is true that one enters a very relaxed state during a Quantum Healing session, they really do remain in control at all times and that includes speaking the language of their choice to more easily communicate with their facilitator.

I have done many such sessions over the years and recently most of them have been online BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) sessions with people from all around the world. Clients just this year have hailed from places like Singapore, India, France and the UAE. I have not yet had a problem with language. Interestingly, sometimes, in the sessions the client can speak even better English than in their daily lives! I had one memorable session with a man who wasn’t even from a different country, but was born and raised in New Jersey. He had a very thick and pronounced Jersey accent. In the portion of the session where his Higher Self spoke, his accent completely disappeared and he spoke perfect “Oxford English!”

And while that particular session did not completely surprise me I do remember being surprised at one client whose Higher Self spoke like an Irish elf. This woman was from the deep South and when her higher aspect spoke, her drawl vaporized and her voice changed to a melodic, high pitched brogue!

Interesting as these two examples are, the more common outcome is that the voice and language remain the same or very similar throughout the session, but the information being communicated tends to come from a more expansive and higher perspective when we speak to the Higher Self.

Each and every Quantum Healing session is at its very core, a conversation that you are having with yourself. Your practitioner is just a facilitator.  So even if you were to change languages into you’re native language, you would understand what was being communicated and could translate for your practitioner if necessary in a language that you learned after your birth.

Candace Craw-Goldman is a Quantum Healer based in Kansas and does BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) Sessions in person and online for people all over the world.

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