Let The Unfolding Begin After A Bqh Session

Let the unfolding begin—After a BQH session

Beyond Quantum Healing

By Christina Lavers

One of the images I use to promote my services is an image of still water rippling from a center point. I feel this is a beautiful analogy for the effects a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session creates in a person’s life. In the session, whether through newfound insight, spiritual reassurance, energetic healing, or recovered memories, powerful shifts are created that have the potential to ripple out long after the actual session is complete. Each shift and recalibration is like a seed being planted in our heart, and like seeds dropped into the earth, the more we nurture them the more opportunity they will have to flourish. 

This is the reason I have learned to place a lot of emphasis on after-care. Without awareness, humans have a tendency to fall back into habits, and to recreate patterns we are familiar with. However, the more we nurture changes with the light of awareness, the more we create conditions that support permanent change in our lives.

Immediately after a session many people report feeling lightheaded. This is very common because people tend to do a lot of energetic releasing in sessions. The energy we release will be dense heavy energy often associated with difficult events from this life or a past one. Because we have become accustomed to carrying this heavy energy in our field, it is often quite noticeable afterward when it is gone. The new light energy that fills the space previously taken up by that density will take a little time to get used to.

Realigned and recalibrated energy can also contribute to this feeling. I recommend that as soon as possible after a session, the client find a peaceful spot in nature to ground and center. Nature can be an excellent ally in assisting with the landing process as its harmonious coherence will help inform, soothe and stabilize changes.

Journaling is another activity I recommend as soon as possible after a session. While sessions are recorded to be listened to at a later date, it can be extremely valuable to document as much as we can about the session in writing. The process of contemplating and exploring the session from our regular state of awareness can help us to integrate the shifts into our everyday life, and often leads to even more clarity and deeper insight.

I also recommend a person be very gentle with themselves after a session. In the days that follow, as the experience grounds into our being, releasing, and activating changes, feelings ranging from sadness and irritability, to joy and elation can occur. The more we can just accept whatever needs to flow through us, knowing that it is ultimately leading to where we want to be, the smoother and more swiftly the uncomfortable releasing emotions will move through us.  

Occasionally, in the days after a very powerful session, people may notice moments of feeling anxious. This can occur as a new more expanded state of awareness merges into the physical. Again, the more we can accept and make room for these feelings, trusting they are part of a process that is ultimately bringing us more alignment and healing, the easier the integration of this upgrade will be. 

At a physical level, care is also important. Drinking lots of good quality water is essential. Being hydrated at a cellular level makes it easier to maintain a connection to the higher realms and allows energy currents to flow more smoothly through our systems. Baths with magnesium, or Epsom salts, can be a great way to support the process of integrating the high frequency energy from the session. I also recommend gentle exercise as this also helps to keep energy moving and flowing.

Another recommendation I make is to do some things a bit differently in the days after a session. This will help support changes in the neural network, making it less likely to settle into old patterns.  For example, mix up a routine, take a different route to work, wear something you might not normally choose. I encourage everyone to approach this in playful way, get creative, use your imagination…the options are limitless.

I also find follow-up coaching can be valuable for those who want assistance with unpacking the session content. In these meetings, which usually take place about a week later, I work together with the client to explore the content, unpack symbolism, identify themes and key guidance, and then implement realistic and achievable strategies to apply them to everyday life. 

Finally listening to the session recording can again bring a new dimension to the experience as a person absorbs and processes it from everyday awareness. Listen to it when it feels right, preferably within a month of session. It can also be a great idea to keep listening to it every few months, in order to reconnect with the session energy and sustain the changes it initiated. 

Christina Lavers is a BQH practitioner, located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”

To discover more about Christina’s practice please visit her Website:  https://www.christinalaverscoaching.com/

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