Medical Mediumship Classes Offered By Pamela Aaralyn

Medical Mediumship Classes offered by Pamela Aaralyn


Interested in adding Medical Mediumship to your modalities as a Quantum Healer? Pamela Aaralyn is teaching a series of classes on the subject and its not too late to sign up! All classes are recorded and available on-demand to watch at anytime in the future.

Medical Mediumship 201 “The Anatomy of Mediumship” Begins tomorrow December 1, at 2pm MST and there is still time to sign up! This class will focus upon correlations and connections between physical conditions and the individual soul. You will learn how to identify what you sense in a medical intuitive session and interpret it properly.

How can a medical medium help others? Here is one testimonial!

My 16 year old son did a reading with Pamela Aaralyn in June of 2017. He had been having severe health issues for about 18 months with no clue what was going on. Pamela suggested we have him tested for Lyme disease. I had him tested, using a biofeedback machine, which showed he did have a low case of Lyme and his EPV number was really high. An old doctor of mine came back in the picture at this time and suggested I follow the medical medium protocol with him. I then made an appointment with a holistic neurologist who tested him for various things, including heavy metals. It turned out that he also had lead poisoning. By following the medical medium protocol along with the dietary protocol from the neurologist, my son is now truly doing well. If not for Pamela’s suggestion on getting him tested for Lyme, this sequence of events would not have lead to the healing my son is now experiencing. This was after 18 months of testing with no insight as to what was going on and a 10 month failed experiment on an antidepressant. Her insight was truly the beginning of his healing process and I am so grateful for her assistance.  

KC- New Mexico

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