Meet Practitioner Alexandra Kallos

Meet Practitioner Alexandra Kallos


Alexandra was born in Greece and grew up in Holland. An early career in Dance and Fine Arts allowed her to live and work in such places as Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, etc. In her late twenties a severe traffic accident resulted in an NDE (near death experience) and a long hospitalization and recovery period, the impact of which sparked a spiritual awakening. Her subsequent quest led her to an immersion in yoga and Ayurveda with many trips to India to refine her practice. She experienced the power of holistic healing firsthand.

In 2011, she was introduced to the work of Dolores Cannon, the world-renowned hypnotherapist and creator of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) method as well as the author of 20 books on the subject of Past Life Regression and other metaphysical subjects. Alexandra travelled to England to study with the master herself and achieved certification as a QHHT practitioner/healer. Through her work with QHHT and ongoing spiritual studies she continues to find insights into the metaphysical and the esoteric and their powerful link with QHHT transformational healing both on the physical and non-physical levels.

She also works with Reiki and is a channel for Higher evolved energies such as Metatron. She travels frequently to give QHHT talks and to work with clients. Alexandra currently resides between the cities of Barcelona and Dubai.

In her own words: Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been drawn to the stars, the universe and beyond. While growing up there was an increasing awareness and fascination with various metaphysical concepts, through some of my artworks I set out to visualize some of my ideas about this. It was a sincere attempt to start a conversation. But it wasn’t until my accident that I got a firsthand experience of what we define as the meta-physics, of that which lies beyond what we call ‘death’. Going through the death experience and visiting various different dimensions after that completely blew my mind. Even today I maintain it was single-handedly the most awe-inspiring experience I’ve ever had.

In my late twenties, at that auspicious age of 28, I was an art student in Amsterdam, Holland. One morning, as I was on my way to college on my bicycle, I got run over by a truck. This vehicle weighing in at 13 tons! In that moment I died.

Next thing I spiraled out of my body (OBE) high up in the air, hovering over the scene and looking down at my broken body. I was taking it all in while at the same time being in awe of this incredible mind-expanding experience. Totally detached, feeling no pain. Then as if an invisible cord snapped, I let go of my last remaining connection to my physical body and went into the Afterlife. I do not recall going into a tunnel, into the Light or anything like that…

(Alexandra describes her near-death experience and OBE in detail)

First stop was the Akashic records I think, as at the time I had no knowledge of any of the metaphysical concepts I deal with now through all the sessions and my hypnosis practice. Then I have a recollection of ‘going’ to three other dimensions, last one being Source Energy. This ultimate level, this Source-dimension was the most profound, deepest sensation of wholeness and bliss I ever had- an experience that is totally beyond the power of language. Something that some clients of Past Life Regressions can attest to if they had the good fortune to have gone to this high dimension in a session! As I reemerged into consciousness in my body, I was in an IC unit tied up to a ventilator.

Now, in retrospect I do have a totally different perspective on the whole experience and have gained many valuable insights to the reasons for my accident to occur, my karma and my current life purpose.

I learned about Soul contracts and how we all choose them before we incarnate into a new life. So I chose to come in with this contract of artist, lightworker, etc and I am very much a “Volunteer”, a term coined by my mentor Dolores Cannon in her book The Three Waves of Volunteers. I was further told that ‘they‘ had to take the old me out and allow for a new me to come in, as to make sure I would fulfill my life’s purpose. ‘They’ said they were just a tiny bit concerned I was not going to deliver my purpose in time and took measures to get me ready and aligned with the ‘great awakening,’ to speed things up so to speak!

Now even after all these years and so much reflection, I still can’t write this without welling up with tears and feeling awash with emotions at just the sheer miracle of it all…

I know it’s very personal but I wanted to share this here for it has hugely impacted my life and for the overlap with my QHHT practice. Most of all because this first foray into the after-life has single-handedly sparked my ongoing spiritual quest and has ultimately led me to Dolores Cannon and her amazing QHHT method, where all of the myriad loose ends so magically fold together – like the petals of the sacred lotus flower.

We caught up with Alexandra and asked her a few questions.

Your Out of Body Experience (OBE) was pivotal in your life journey, do you have any more to add about that event? 

I think the accident as a whole, the OBE, the near death experience and the long hospitalization and recovery have shaped my life in more ways than one can imagine.

From being, at that time, the most terrible thing that ever happened to me all the way to now being the greatest gift I have received in my life. As it has been such a journey of discovery, of suffering, and transcending…

And its on-going, one never stops learning, forgiving and expanding, and most of this is due to that one singular experience that changed my life completely.

You Practice in Dubai as well as in Spain, is there anything you'd like to share about your Practice there?

Through another piece of brilliant synchronicity, 2 years ago I was offered the great opportunity to give sessions in a wellness center in Dubai.

This turned into a regular 4 times a year visit.

A city full of expats and Emirati locals predominantly of the Muslim faith. My clients are mostly expats of a wide array of countries, but also increasingly Muslims.

There is definitely an awakening across the board. And, as the healing modality we work with in principal does not sit easily amongst the Muslim faith, one could even say there's a lot of friction between the two. I am being challenged to evolve and carefully 'sculpt' new ways in which to provide sessions, both honoring the foundation of the QHHT method as well as the foundations of Islam. This ensures everyone can have this extraordinary experience and a chance to heal their lives.
This experience in Dubai is an ongoing adventure, and a gift, as it formed a springboard to other Gulf-States where I'm invited to give talks and do sessions.

What do you think about the whole concept of healing or being called a healer? 

I don’t know about being called a healer. I think we as practitioners hold the space wherein the healing can happen, we 'facilitate,'  as all healing is self-healing. We can feel a calling to assist, to hone that skill of providing the best possible way for healing to occur, to clear the space and obstacles, to restore equilibrium. A doctor doesn’t heal either, he makes a diagnosis based on his skills and prescribes the best medicine or therapy.

I could say however that I do feel that my own personal experience helps me to be a better facilitator.

Because I have known suffering I feel a natural empathy to others in that position and feel like I’m a in the perfect space to assist others on their journey to self-healing. And please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying 'better' way to assist as a healer, just my own, personal way.

But, my own spiritual quest, sparked by my accident, ultimately led me to Dolores, where many things came together.

My background in Arts and dance prepared me for a life of improvisation and awareness in truth, I think (my parents would laugh!)

Most sessions hardly go by the book; I’m not in the least fazed by this, in fact I thrive on it! I intend to always remain in the 'present' during a session. Always be 'present' and able to think on my feet, asking the most relevant questions to benefit my client.

We open ourselves to Spirit, to receive and be guided during sessions. I think that is our greatest gift as practitioners and we learn the more we do it. In this process we learn to step out of the way, to let go of 'ourselves' our ego-selves and allow more and more of our expanded, 'divine Self” to come through.

Not unlike a dancer/performer whose body becomes an instrument for this higher 'power' to flow through them. That is when we see the 'real' artist, that moment of transcendence that everyone in an audience connects to intuitively and is uplifted by!

My path has led me through yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, reiki and much self-study.

And I feel that all of that from my art to my yoga, reiki to my accident is all in my bag of 'tricks', my 'rucksack.’ That is what I bring to a session. That and my natural empathy with people, using everything in my power to help them awaken.

It was a momentous day when i sat in Level I class, in Oxford and met Dolores for the first time in person. It literally felt that everything I had ever done had led me to that moment.  Having that massive aha moment. All the open ends in my life came together in that fraction of a second and I am forever grateful for that.

When I started as a practitioner, it really felt like I was living my true life purpose, so fulfilling.

Nothing compares to the joy when a client feels better after a session, or writes you a heartfelt testimonial, that is so profound, unbeatable!

…. I LOVE this work, I always end each session by saying I have the best job in the world;

I always say that my life is full of miracles and QHHT is one of them.

Lastly, is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I’m in the finishing stages of my first book about my accident and journey to QHHT.

We look forward to reading your book Alexandra!

To learn more about Alexandra and her practice, you can find her Directory listing here for Barcelona and here for Dubai.

You can also find her at: and

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