Meet Practitioner Annette Kohn-Lau!

Meet Practitioner Annette Kohn-Lau!

Meet the Practitioners

My journey here began with a  two year Dark Night of the Soul in my early 40’s.   Despite a thriving career in Pediatric Speech Pathology and a family that I adored,  my soul was pleading for something more.  Prayer and the universe’s answers (aka synchronicity)  eventually led me to the work for which my soul was yearning.

After a year of an outpouring of gifts from Spirit,  I opened  my own healing practice in 2000, when I became a “Reiki Master.”   Working in the realm of Spirit was an incredible joy to me, and a place in which I have always felt “at home.”    I loved assisting others in their healing journey.  One thing led to another and after nine years of study, I began to practice as a  Certified Traditional Naturopath.

What I find the most deeply satisfying in my work as a Naturopath is the act of deep listening.  So, I would say that 75% of what I “do” in my naturopathic work  is listening to the client’s story, whether it is told in words over a cup of tea, or communicated through the body during Reiki, Reflexology or Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 

Even as I relished studying biochemical pathways,  my spiritual inquiry continued to deepen.   Like many who will read this,  a winding path led me to Dolores Cannon.   When I heard about QHHT training, it literally felt like every cell in my body was on fire with the word, “YES!”   So, in April of 2011, I made that memorable trip to Arkansas and took Level One QHHT training from Dolores.  What a blessing to experience her incredible, warm and joyful energy!   I have never met anyone quite like her.  A few months later,  with ten sessions under my belt, I headed out to Portland, Oregon for Level Two,  and the rest is history!  

QHHT is my passion. I have learned so much about healing in every aspect, but I feel that QHHT has brought me full circle, back to Spirit, back to the source of our healing.  There is no better feeling than watching the transformation that occurs with this work.  

Please be sure to visit my website to take a peek at the beautiful healing space!

You can find Annette’s Practitioner Page Here

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