Meet Practitioner Christi Clemons Hoffman!

Meet Practitioner Christi Clemons Hoffman!


Christi Clemons Hoffman is a Quantum Healing Practitioner located in Kansas City, Missouri.

What was the event that led you to become a healing facilitator?

In January 2009, my husband of nine years announced that we would be “a different kind of family” and that he was leaving. I found out shortly afterward that he was having an affair. We had already been through a lot; the infertility rollercoaster, health concerns raised during the infertility workup, his drinking problem, being foster parents, and the adoption of our then two-year-old daughter. To say I was devastated is putting it mildly. Searching for meaning, I looked into karma and past lives that might have held a clue for our purpose together. Naturally, I stumbled across Dolores Cannon’s groundbreaking work.

I knew I wanted to work with Dolores and have a QHHT® session myself. I called her office in Arkansas and asked to schedule an appointment. I was told that she was booked solid for the next four years! Apparently I did not know just how in-demand she was!

The woman I spoke with told me that Cannon had trained people around the world in her method and that there might be someone near me who practiced it. I looked on the practitioner listing and found a psychologist nearby who had been trained in QHHT®.

My husband and I both scheduled sessions with him. My husband actually got a bit further with the hypnosis session than I did, but he only just a brief scene from a past life and didn’t experience his Higher Self at all. In my own session, the practitioner talked about “the winds of time” that were blowing me around on my magical cloud. He even made a “Whooooooo” blowing sound that set me off laughing. There was no way I was going to be hypnotized that day.

The practitioner told me that my experience was rare, but it did happen occasionally, and he then referred me to a woman who did psychic readings. He said that she could “see” past lives and could give me insight into my situation. I scheduled a session with her.

The reading I received from her was very insightful! I was just blown away. I then referred several friends to her. When I found out that she was teaching classes to connect with Spirit, I signed up! I found confirmation of the lifelong information I always just “knew” and things I was seeing that I couldn’t explain was in fact Spirit talking to me. I took all of her classes and started doing readings for friends myself. That was 2010.

As I grew in my abilities, I took a course on how to read and access the Akashic Records. I started meeting more people in the psychic community and made connections. It seemed that just about everyone practiced Reiki, so when my dear teacher sent me information about a Reiki 1 & 2 class, I signed up for that too.

Are there any interesting events or moments you’d like to share?

I had been practicing Reiki for a couple of years on myself and my friends, along with continuing the psychic readings when I got laid off from my corporate job. It was the second time in two years, and I was actually relieved when it happened. I knew I just couldn’t continue with another fulltime job that made me feel so hollow. My real work was calling me.

I pursued Advanced Reiki Training and then also became a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master.Becoming a QHHT® practitioner was always in the back of my mind, but I actually thought it was out of my reach. After being laid off, though, the voice in my head just got more insistent: Do this! So I attended the Level 1 in June 2016. I went on to take Level 2 in June 2017.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

Many people and many things: My dear teacher, Gail Larmer, the Kansas City spiritual community, Dolores’ work, the movie “The Secret” and other notable teachers like Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, and others.

I formed a weekly discussion group, The Intenders, with a friend and we continued that for a couple of years.

There was a stint at a healing center in my city that was a real learning experience. It was a great concept but was based on ego. I was their Akashic Record Reader for several months. The center eventually imploded, but I met many true friends and amazing healers while I was there. Two of them are in my group, Radiate Wellness!

The first center was actually my model in creating my practice. It was a great concept, and I knew something similar could be done as long as the basic concepts of integrity and the highest good was held in mind.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Candace Craw-Goldman at this time. She has been a very good model for me on how to be a QHHT® practitioner. I felt that part of Dolores’ work with clients had been kept out of the public’s view, but the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum is wide open and there is so much information available to all of Dolores’ Practitioners. I’m glad to know Candace personally. I consider her a mentor and its worth mentioning that she works tirelessly to be of service to the healing and spiritual communities.

Can you tell us more about how you have blended modalities, angel readings, mediumship and Akashic Record reading?

It’s all the same, really. It truly is. My readings are a mix of angel readings, Akashic Records, and mediumship. The client’s team is always available and they decide what information is important and who is best to come through for that particular client.

When I prepare for a psychic reading for a client, I sit down days or hours before their actual appointment to connect with their team and then I write down all the information that I can get in advance. That way, we can hit the ground running when they arrive for their appointment. When the client arrives for their reading, we go over all my notes, evaluating and expanding along the way. When we run out of notes, I then open the Records. I often find loved ones already waiting there. While we’re in the Records, I then find we can answer any questions the client brought and finally we wrap up any loose ends.

What many people don’t realize is that any psychic, medium, or intuitive is actually working with the Records already. It’s the only source of knowledge there is. Going directly to the Akashi Records is just another way to work. It’s roughly the difference between looking in the card catalog or even microfiche (remember that kind of record keeping?) and reading a book from the shelf.

What is one of your favorite animal communication stories?

I love this question. Recently a woman contacted me through Etsy and asked if I had ever had success uniting a lost pet with its owner. I replied that I had never been asked to do that, but I would be happy to try. I love challenges. I assumed that she was referring to a pet she had lost and wanted to find it. I told her that if I wasn’t able to help find the animal she wouldn’t owe me anything. I just wanted to see if I could do it. What I found was that the pet (a dog), had come from a rundown-looking house in a rather poor neighborhood. The dog showed me that her name was something ending in the sound “-ee” (that’s the only part of the name she really “heard”) and that she was in a truck then was left behind. Spirit told me that no one was looking for her.

I relayed all of this, even though it sounded odd, but the woman wrote back to say that she had hired another pet communicator on Etsy who told her the same thing—right down to the name (she thought it might be “Maggie,” but it was the “ee” sound that was important).

So she told me that she actually had not lost a pet but found one. Her husband had found this dog and that it was really sweet and playful. She said they were in the Houston area and that many poorer neighborhoods had been hit hard by hurricane Harvey. Perhaps the owners evacuated and “lost” her, or maybe it was just difficult to relocate with a dog…

The good news is that this dog wants to be of service and is eager to please and intelligent. The woman is going to pursue finding a place for this energetic girl to be a PTSD or other service dog—and have her trained to not only be of service but to also be a good companion.

You offer personalized meditations, can you tell us more about the creation process for those?

I start off by consulting with the client to find what their current challenges might be; physical symptoms, emotional, etc. and what type of healing they are seeking. Then I visually scan their chakras to see what’s out of whack. As Dolores Cannon would say, “the chakras are big blabbermouths!” Using a similar protocol for how I open myself up to channel or for readings, I then begin a Spirit-centered meditation customized for the client. I also make a personalized recording for the client to have to listen to in the future.

How has your practice changed since you started?

How has it NOT changed, LOL? It’s only deepened and grown. I started out with Angel Readings, then added Akashic Records, Reiki, and finally QHHT®. I have also started a group practice, Radiate Wellness (, that includes four other practitioners, and I now have an office in a lovely healing center.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like us or future clients to know about you or your practice?

I am the meditation instructor and Reiki master at Hallmark Cards’ worldwide headquarters in Kansas City, MO. I lead weekly meditation classes and provide Reiki by appointment in their Medical Department.

Other things I’m involved in: Leading weekly Serenity Pause meditations at Unity Temple and teaching classes on a variety of subjects, including “New Kids,” the newest waves of volunteers.

In 2015 I was named Psychical Research Society’s (PRS) Radio Guest of the Year in 2015. Most shows pulled in 7-10 responses after they aired, I’m tickled to report that my show pulled in over 200!

You can find out more about me and my work by checking out my Facebook pages: Radiate Wellness, Angels Guidance with Christi Clemons Hoffman, and Parenting the New Kids on the Block.

You can also find me on my Directory listing and at

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