Meet Practitioner Heather Stubbs!

Meet Practitioner Heather Stubbs!


Heather Stubbs is a Quantum Healing Practitioner located in Seattle, Washington.

In your 'about' section you mention becoming involved with yoga 11 years ago, what motivated you to start your journey there?

As I reflect, I can see how it’s all intertwined. My journey into yoga gave me an understanding of breath and its connection to movement. I now consider yoga a lifestyle that guides me. The breath is very powerful and growing up, breath was a challenge for me because I had severe asthma. For years I was on steroids for my lungs and had a rescue inhaler for when I would overexert myself. In my late 20s I started taking a steroid inhaler daily and after about a year on it, I realized I was addicted.

With no help from the medical community, I turned to my cousin Lorelei Hewitt, a metaphysician, who was just coming into her power as a trance medium. Although skeptical at that point, I trusted her and she did a type of reiki and reading. It was very intense where she said I had a past life where I died in battle, and it was customary for them to dance on the chest of the ones they had killed, except I hadn’t fully passed yet. It was what I needed at the time to make a shift. She also gave other imagery that would help when I felt I couldn’t breathe. After a while I was breathing on my own. I thought, how interesting that shifting a belief system could physically shift my body.

Shortly after, yoga found me through pilates. The focus on the breath was where I learned that I can control my breathing. During that time I started to incorporate distance running, around three miles. The yoga and the running tuned and toned my body and I had a new connection with my breath. It was a powerful learning tool.

I believe that connection lead information to begin to flow and provided me with a new awareness that I didn’t have before.

What was the event that led you to become a healer?

I still don’t consider myself a healer, but a newly realized lightworker, yes.

I am blessed with the ability to open others up to their own power and true healing potential. A beautiful gift from Dolores Cannon. There was no specific event, maybe a culmination of events lead me to ask for something more to believe in. 2016 was a rough year. I won’t go into it because it’s like picking off a scab that is healing, but a series of contrasting events happened with my home, my kid, and my job, events that didn’t feel good. I used the tools in my toolbox to the best of my ability to navigate the bumpy road, and as I did, I kept faith in a divine plan.

Also, at the beginning of 2016, a good friend gave me a book, Michael Newton, Journey of Souls. He is a hypnotherapist who took people to their lives between lives, what happened after the death experience and before being reincarnated. Thousands of similar accounts of people he had hypnotized said the same thing. We die, we go to the light, we meet our guide, we chat with our council, we go to the healing place, we choose our next destination, bodies, and lessons we are to learn. This information really impacted me and rang true. At the beginning of this year, as I searched for clarity with current life events, I came across Dolores Cannon on YouTube. I watched her presentations about what she found through her hypnosis sessions, the ET’s, Atlantis, Nostradamus and the backdrop people. Her videos would encourage people to take her course. I didn’t realize that she had passed until about a month of following her work. With more research, I came upon Alba Weinman. Her YouTube channel is filled with actual hypnosis sessions and although she doesn't use the Dolores Cannon method, she too encouraged people to take the QHHT course. I felt compelled. I love to learn and found this to be an amazing opportunity.

Are there any interesting events or moments that preceded (or happened any time during) your journey that you feel are relevant to your journey/practice? 

In 2011 with the rise of the occupy movement, I began to question everything. I remember seeing college professors out with their students and I wanted to know what those kids knew. I started watching documentaries on the nature of consciousness, like Joseph Campbell’s Mythos. I read a book called How Quantum Activism Can Save Civilization by Amit Goswami about the nature of consciousness told through a theoretical quantum physicist. That book caused a shift in me. I remember reading the words at the very beginning of the book about science and spirituality were saying the same thing and being shaken to the core. It was wild.

I didn't really know what was going on with me, but it felt like a high vibration for days if not weeks. I am so thankful for yoga in my journey because the energy was so intense I needed to be able to move it through my body. That was November of 2011, right before Thanksgiving. By March of the next year, my appendix ruptured. I had been in the best shape of my life, but my belief system had shifted so drastically that my body couldn’t keep up. It was a long road to healing. Prior to the rupture, I understood food better than ever before. I even had an uncanny sense of the journey of an object prior to it getting to me. Like drinking water out of a glass versus drinking water out of a ‘disposable’ cup. The water was actually happier in the glass. It was like the earth was speaking to me through everything.

My carbon footprint was almost scary. I remember watching a documentary called Thrive and after watching it I wanted to go crawl under my covers but I remember thinking, “What are these covers made from and at what toll did it take on the earth and humanity?” Then before I really knew what was happening, I was in the hospital for a ruptured appendix and they are shoving plastic needles in me and making me drink a crazy colored dye so my insides would light up so they could find the problem. I, at that point, needed to shift my belief system again to accommodate what was going on with me. It was a six month journey that grounded and humbled me.

You mention on your website that you have taken many Coursera classes; is there anything in particular you'd like to share about how these classes have influenced your healing/spiritual work?

Coursera started in 2012. I took my first course in the fall after mostly healing from the appendix. I wanted to educate myself and I was questioning everything. It was the first site that encouraged free learning from top-notch universities. I could learn at my own pace and I could balance it with work and my daughter. I took subjects that interested me. My first course was Greek and Roman Mythology, I was looking for clues to the soul and started there. From there I took Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life, which was more about possible microbes on comets. I took courses on philosophy, literature, Buddhism, happiness, meditation and the brain. I found joy in learning just to learn and the joy of being able to connect with people all over the world and discuss these topics. I was soul searching. I didn't know how I would ever use this knowledge. Looking back now, I feel it was all preparing me for this journey into hypnosis. We are at the very beginning of the information age. Technology connects us with knowledge like never before in human history and I wanted to learn as much as I could about everything.

Who, or what, has been influential on your path?

People that have been influential are Joseph Campbell, Paramahansa Yogananda, Amit Goswami, Plato, Jung, and Salvador Dali.

As for what has been influential, I need to include my involvement in the early Rave scene. I have always loved music and dancing. The rave scene came on the map in the early 90’s. On New Year’s Eve 1992, my freshman year at college, I walked into a massive warehouse in Baltimore with group of friends. There were gigantic balloons hanging from the ceiling, bass that made your soul shake, a vibe of love and a collective celebration of life and a changing year.

This was the beginning of a freedom for me that I had never experienced. The freedom to dance, a freedom to be with friends and enjoy leading edge amazing music. If you know anything about the early rave scene, the drugs were a part of it. It started slow with LSD then moved to Ecstasy. I felt I found my place dancing in warehouses to amazing underground music with 3000 of my closest friends. As I reflect I remember dancing to songs called ‘’The Light,” “God Within,” and “Gabrielle” at parties called “Pure Love,” and “Abduction.” There was even a party called “Hypnosis”. I spent that year partying every weekend. We would drive hours up and down the East Coast to hear our favorite DJ's at the biggest parties.

About a year later my father got stationed at a military base in Washington State. Knowing I was paying to party and things were getting excessive, I decided to move with my parents. We moved out west and I watched my friends back east topple like flies as the drug crystal meth swept through the scene. The scene went from a bunch of happy kids filled with love and community to dark drugs that stole souls. Some didn't make it, and some went to prison. It was a very powerful observation from my West Coast perch. As I joined the rave community on the West Coast, I knew what to look for because meth was already well established. I found friends who dabbled in lighter drugs and were in it to dance and enjoy the music.

During that time, I went to broadcast engineering school and partied on the weekends. I learned about electronics and the way power flows through circuits and how systems work. I excelled at tech school and was out in a year with a job at local TV station.


Has your career as a broadcast engineer had an influence on your practice?

I have seen most every major news event in the last 21 years. My job is technical, so somebody else writes it, they give it to me, I translate it into technical terms and put it on the air. I have been with the same company for 21 years and mostly always loved it.

I didn’t think there was ever any correlation, until my first QHHT session where I saw a vision (that I had seen before, when my appendix ruptured) of myself sitting in a pool of water next to a guide, and I was taking the lower vibrations of what was happening in the news and rinsing them in this cleansing pool. I remember shaking my head and turning to my guide and saying, “Oh Henry,” that’s how I remembered his name. He is one who is guiding me as well as another named Dorothy who has a strong correlation to the building I worked in for twenty years, the address number was 333.

How has your practice changed since you started?

I am new to this work, having been guided by Dolores Cannon at the beginning of this year. She laid the groundwork for spiritual awakening.

I am so blessed that she guided me to this work. My practice is in a constant state of evolution. The Original Quantum Healing Practitioner Support Forum has been key in helping my sessions evolve.

I now use selenite grounding crystal, I use a water intention prior to the session. I use a script to set the ego aside. I sometimes use a hand on chest/release method, and forehead seal technique. I am also learning the power of the surrogate, which allows us to connect to other’s subconscious through a client’s and do remote healings.

It can also connect to people who have passed or connect with the subconscious of someone still living. This can be extremely beneficial to family members that may have had someone pass unexpectedly, or even just give them a better understanding of the death experience. I will be taking a class in a few weeks with Antonio Sangio who teaches a method known as Introspective Hypnosis that is similar to the method Alba Weinman uses, and also have a session of my own scheduled with the amazing Sian Chua in Sarasota at the 5D conference in hopes of learning from her as well.

 Lastly, is there anything else you'd like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

I know that it takes a bit of an open mind to conceptualize what we are doing.

We are taught to be grounded in the physical world. I believe that someday science will be able to explain reincarnation. I want clients to know that we all have soul stories. Our subconscious speaks to us in beautiful metaphors. The power of the method Dolores Cannon gave us gives us direct access to the Higher Self. This is the part of you that can answer your questions and provide profound healing. Who are you? You are the only one that can answer that question and the best way to figure that out is to go within.

You can find Heather Stubbs on our Directory hereIn addition she is also offering Quantum Healing sessions during our event in Sarasota October 6-7

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