Meet Practitioner Joli James

Meet Practitioner Joli James!


I had the great pleasure of meeting Joli James in person at our Quantum Healing 5D and Beyond Conference a few weeks ago in Sarasota, Florida. She has a beautiful smile and has such a lovely energy about her. 

Here is her story:

First, I want to express how absolutely wonderful it is to have been led to such a wonderful community of souls such as there are in the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum.

I have always known that this was not my first lifetime. My first memory is of being somewhere where I was completely helpless, maybe as a baby in my crib or the nursery in the hospital, while mostly I only remember the thoughts and emotions, I do remember thinking “What am I doing here again?” with this feeling of fear and helplessness. I held on to that memory and told very few people about it because when I did tell people, it wasn’t received very well.

When I was 4 years old at daycare, my teacher came up to me and asked if I was reading this book I had or studying the pictures. The book was a Berenstein Bears book, by the way. I told her I was reading it and she asked me to read to her. I remember her being a little freaked out and calling my parents and asking them if they knew that I could read. I always kept that tucked away in my brain as further validation of past lives.

We lived out in the country and owned racing horses that we took to horse shows. Oh, how I loved those horses! My dad was a fireman and when I was around 6 years old, just the age to ride one of our horses in the “lead line” in the horse shows, my dad got hurt carrying a woman out of a fire and we had to sell the horses and move into the city. My dad could no longer take care of the horses, having to haul hay and such. That was 40 years ago.

I was a very depressed child after that move and I cried a lot and just did not want to be here anymore. Even though my parents were not church-going people, I always had a strong relationship with “God”. I would talk to “God” at night and ask lots of questions. Sometimes I would pray to die in my sleep so that I could go “home,” because I knew deep down that it was much better place than the place where I was.

My dad had this one book, “Edgar Cayce, On Reincarnation”, that I read when I was around 12 or 13. What I remember most about Edgar Cayce is that he believed there would be some sort of shift in the world and everything would change after that. It was called a polar shift, I think, which made me think of warm places being cold and cold places being warm, or maybe he described it that way, I don’t have the book now, so I am not sure. He also said that one day everyone would be able to do the extraordinary things that he could do at will..

In college, my original intent was to be a Psychiatrist, but when I started taking classes in Psychology, I was bored stiff, so I majored in Criminal Justice and Sociology, too. I worked in the social services field mostly after that, as a counselor, investigating child abuse, and I even worked in the jail as a detention officer, but found I was too sensitive for most of these jobs and ended up working as a waitress again, which is what I did throughout high school and college, and I actually loved it. During these years, I read lots of books, mostly Neale Donald Walsh, Gary Zukav, James Van Prague and others of the same genre and met lots of people online that had some of the same beliefs and interests that I do, muddling my way through life at that time just fine.

In 2013, I saw a post from a friend on Facebook who lives in Canada, it was the interview with Dolores Cannon and Kevin Moore, “Volunteer souls, ET’s and the New Earth.” I was a little skeptical because of the “ET thing” but decided to listen to it anyway.

After listening, it all made perfect sense, so I downloaded the book “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth.” I read that book in a matter of days and felt every feeling that the clients felt, just as she described. The information resonated through me physically!  Not just “truth bumps” and such like most of the things that I read, that was my way of knowing it was true if I questioned it. I was thinking, this is what I am supposed to be doing! I read more books over time while I was getting acclimated to a new job; manager of my apartment complex, and then another apartment complex on top of the first.

I didn’t take the online QHHT® course until May of 2016, because it always seemed like there was never “enough time” to study the material, while all along I was studying it by reading the other books! I had a conference coming up and would have time at night to watch videos, I thought. The conference was May 23rd and I finished the course and received my certificate before I ever left! I could not stop watching the videos. At 3 am I would look at the clock and think “OMG! I have to get up in 3 hours and go to work!”

So, here I am, practicing QHHT® just like I am supposed to be doing. This is huge! Oh, and I just quit my job as manager of the apartment complex, so I now am a full time quantum healer, and I have more time to see clients and participate more in our wonderful support forums!

Joli James is a Quantum Healer who lives in Florence, Alabama, find out more at:

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